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"I'm A Spy, Buddy"

Morgan finds a bottle of chloroform in Jeff's locker, but the inspector guys come in just then, so he hides across the room and watches them do a scan of the lockers. They find a tunnel behind the lockers and a fingerprint scan, and one guy tells the other to go get the others and tell them they found "the CIA base." Morgan looks puzzled, then watches them all come in, saying they found Shaw's base. They head in and start to close the secret door, but Morgan jumps down and follows them into the entrance to Castle. It's all quiet and empty in there, and Morgan's in total awe. There's a long hallway each way, and one seems to go forever. He does these hilarious, dorky tip-toeing moves down the hall, after the agents. Back up in the Buy More, Lester plays his recording about terminating everyone but Morgan and Chuck, and Big Mike cries to Chuck that they're going to fire everyone but him and Morgan. Chuck seems to realize that's not exactly what's going on here. Then he wonders where Morgan is.

The little guy's snooping around Castle, dropping to the floor and scooting along until he sees and hears the suits discuss how they're going to find all of the information the CIA has on them, and then "blow this base sky-high." Morgan, clearly shocked, covers his mouth. At the hotel, Sarah wonders why the Ring would lure them here, and Agent Superman says it's where they lured them from -- his base of operations, so they could go in looking for all the intelligence they have. Sarah immediately thinks of Chuck (BECAUSE SHE LOVES HIM), saying Chuck's in there and not flashing, making him a sitting duck (and the "duck" theme begins). They all take off running. Chuck's heading to the back room at the Buy More when Morgan runs into him. They have the best conversation in their history:

They both say they have to talk, over the top of each other, and Morgan says, "Hey, me first. Trust me, whatever you're going to say is nothing compared to what I got." Chuck: "Okay. Fine, yeah, please shoot." Morgan: "Okay, dude. There's a secret underground CIA base under our Buy More." Chuck's in shock, which Morgan misreads, so he says, "I know. Hey, listen, I know it sounds crazy, but you have to believe me here. These people who are claiming to buy the store? They're bad guys. They call themselves the Ring. Which I know is not that scary, but trust me, these guys are not to be messed with." Chuck asks how Morgan knows all this, and Morgan explains how he hid and watched them enter the base through the lockers. He says he followed them and heard and saw everything. Chuck looks even more shocked, and Morgan, "Hey, woah, woah! Dude. Listen, I know this is a lot for you to handle, but you've gotta stay with me. You've got to pull it together, because we are now in real danger here. Okay? Buddy... don't freak out." Chuck gives an awkward half-smile that is the low point of the episode for me. But if one facial expression is the only weak moment in an episode, that's not much of a complaint, is it?

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