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"I'm A Spy, Buddy"

Casey somehow can tell that the Ring made a call from the hotel and tells Sarah and Agent Superman he'll trace it back. He connects them to the call, on which someone describes their target as a tall man in a blue and white bathing suit. Sarah looks outside and sees the target is Awesome. Of course. Chuck's finishing up his meeting with the suits, all smiles and fake happiness. After he's gone, they pull out a Ring phone and call "the others" back in. They're sure Bartowski is Agent Carmichael, and they think Agent Superman left him behind to man the fort. They're still looking for the entrance to Agent Superman's base, but they don't want to take out Chuck until they're sure Agent Superman left no one behind. Lester starts listening in outside the window in time to hear the suits say that Chuck says Morgan is his best friend, so they can use them both to their advantage, but will terminate all the others. Commercials.

Back at the hotel pool, Awesome tells Ellie how great this vacation is. They toast to no stress, no work, no problems. And Awesome's six pack reminds me why he is called Awesome (since his wimpy behavior lately where Chuck's secret is concerned has been decidedly not Awesome). Agent Superman and Sarah head to the pool to save Ellie and Awesome. At Castle, Chuck listens to Dancing With Myself as he flips through bad guy flashcards (they exist!), presumably trying to flash. But... nothing. At one point he guesses, "The Jackal! The Condor!" then turns it over to find out it's Chan Minh Chi. "Dammit! I should have had that one." Ha. Back at the hotel, Casey's heading to do whatever it is he does when Chuck calls him, bored. Casey wonders if he's flashed and since he hasn't, he doesn't have time for this. Chuck: "Only as good as your last flash, huh?"

By the pool, Awesome leaves Ellie to get them both some pina coladas. The camera gets a few nice shots of his amazing body, and then Agent Superman and Sarah pull him aside. He's like, "What are you two doing here? I just recovered my Awesomeness." Hee. So true. They tell him that they got a tip about a Ring operative trying to turn an agent staying at the hotel, and he's the agent. He asks if he and Ellie are in danger, and Sarah and Agent Superman look at each other, all, "Should we tell him?" Agent Superman says he doesn't know, and Awesome gives him a "WTF?" look that I adore.

At the Buy More, the gang is moping, and Morgan says they're probably back there going through lockers. Jeff's about to get called in for his interview, so he begs Morgan to get the "contraband" out of his locker. Morgan asks what it is, and then reluctantly agrees to get it even though Jeff doesn't say. Back at the hotel, Casey's breaking in to the Ring agent's room, where he finds a Ring phone on record, repeating the bit they heard about Awesome on a loop. Casey quickly deduces it's a set-up and texts Agent Superman and Sarah, who are trying to get Awesome to keep it together. When they read his text, they're all, "We're sorry. False alarm." Awesome looks at Ellie and says he has to get away from this.

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