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"I'm A Spy, Buddy"

Even though Chuck's not a spy for the time being, he still has free rein of Castle, apparently, and Sarah and Agent Superman fill him in on the mission they'll be going on without him: They'll be going to a hotel where a Ring operative is apparently trying to find an agent and turn him. He doesn't flash, so Agent Superman is going on the mission with Sarah and Casey, since he can't leave Team Bartowski a man short. Chuck asks what about the Ring knowing he's alive, but Agent Superman is too Superman to worry about that. Casey tells Chuck he better return to find this place the way he left it. Chuck watches jealously as Sarah and Agent Superman slip on her cover engagement ring, then he asks Casey what he should do while they're gone. Casey: "Don't you have a day job?" (By the way, episode credits include: "Director: Zachary Levi")

Speaking of, Chuck finds Jeffster! and Morgan eavesdropping totally obviously on Big Mike's office. Lester tells Chuck it's a spy mission and he's not qualified, so to get away. Big Mike comes out of his office with some guys in suits (one of whom is Diedrich Bader), all laughing together, but when the suits are gone, Big Mike tells the guys this is not good. Someone's thinking of buying the store, so it will be closed today while they check things out and interview everyone to decide who is essential; everyone else will be fired.

At the hotel, a bell girl checks Agent Superman and Sarah in and tells them what a beautiful couple they are. And, really, they so are. Casey, bitter that he's cooped up in the van again, helps them try to triangulate wherever the Ring agent might be in the hotel. Cut back to the Buy More, where Big Mike is giving the guys a pep talk, all solidarity and loyalty. Morgan agrees all they have is each other. Diedrich calls Lester in first, and right after his touching "All for one, one for all" speech, he heads into the office and tells them he'll spill the dirty secrets for diplomatic immunity. They grant it. Cut to Big Mike, who tells them how great he is for having someone as good as Bartowski and his Stanford degree working here.

Chuck tries to talk to Morgan about their falling out, but Morgan's too stressed about the interview. When Chuck tells him he can always get a job; it's just the Buy More, Morgan says it's more than that for him, since he didn't go to Stanford and it's not just a job to him. Plus, in this economy? No one wants to lose their job. Even if it's at the Buy More. Chuck gets called in by the suits, so he doesn't get to make up with Morgan. In his meeting, the suits wonder what a Stanford grad's doing working at the Buy More. Chuck says the Buy More offers more opportunities than initially meets the eye. For instance, he says, he gets to work with his best friend every day. They ask why he isn't the assistant manager instead of Morgan, and he says the right guy has the job. He says he knows he looks good on paper, but he's not the cream of the crop. Morgan is. Awwww.

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