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"I'm A Spy, Buddy"
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A few things Chuck wants us to know about him: He broke up with Hannah because she couldn't understand his life. Morgan wondered why his best friend Chuck is always running off somewhere. He and Ellie both thought Chuck was up to something. Awesome was sick of lying for Chuck's secret. Chuck's Intersect didn't work if he couldn't keep his emotions in check. Chuck and Agent Superman both hearted Sarah. Now, Chuck visits Castle, where Agent Superman and Sarah tell him what a problem it is that he hasn't flashed in a week. It's such a problem that until he starts flashing again, he's no longer a spy. Chuck says he gave up everything to be a spy, so it's all he has. [Except for his job and his sister/neighbor and his friends. Really, he just gave up Lana Lang, who is far from everything. Oh, and Sarah, I guess. So maybe he gave up every girl. - Zach] Sarah thinks time off might help, but he says that won't help, since he'll still have all these bottled-up emotions. Sarah says they can always talk to him, but he says that's not going to work for him. So, he's benched.

Sunny beach with people surfing. Ellie and Awesome are vacationing and kissing, all happy about how happy they are to be away and alone, just the two of them. Then Awesome's phone rings and he steps away to talk to Chuck, who wants to vent about breaking up with Hannah and being stressed by his spy life. Awesome tells him he's sorry, but he took this vacation to get away from Chuck's spy life. Chuck pouts and then goes to the Buy More, where he walks by a weird game in which Lester's betting all the nerds that Jeff can put an entire apple in his mouth. Then Morgan pages "Charles Irving Bartowski" to his office for disciplinary action. Chuck heads back, passing the betting, which is now to the point where the entire apple is in Jeff's mouth. It's gross.

In Morgan's "office," Morgan tells Chuck this is not an easy conversation to have, but they've been through all of their awkward life stages together: puberty, high school, college, and now the Buy More. So Morgan would like to know what's been going on in Chuck's life, since he knows it's something. Chuck asks if he really wants the truth, and Morgan does (like a slice of cheese on a tuna melt). But Chuck won't say anything, so Morgan climbs over the desk and gets out. He tells Chuck he's fired -- not from the Buy More, but as Morgan's best friend. So the disciplinary action was friendship-based, not work-based. Cake credits. Then Jeff Bridges' Hyundai commercial. Maybe he'll move up to a bigger, better brand now that he's an Oscar winner.

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