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He Shoulda Put A Ring On It

So, pretty great way to split up the couple without splitting up the couple. Inventive. I like it. And I think having them separate, and having Sarah working inside Volkoff will be a fun change. I just wonder how they're going to manufacture a story for Volkoff's vetting that gets the arrested CIA agent free from her shackles, cuffs, and cell to give her the opportunity to go undercover in the first place. And what use will he have for her if he thinks she's blacklisted by the CIA? I guess we'll figure these things out soon enough. Speaking of, next week: Mrs. Bartowski has to see the traitor with her own eyes. And Sarah's in a black leather suit and black wig. Chuck's in prison or something. And Volkoff makes Sarah kill John Casey, which it looks like she does (pushing him out a window). Yeah, right.

Watch the episode below, then discuss it in our forums, then see when we once thought that Chuck should have quit when it was ahead.

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DeAnn, a writer and editor in Portland, Oregon, would never forgive this show if it killed off Casey. It better not. You can contact her at

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