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He Shoulda Put A Ring On It

Pierre walks up, and they say their secret lines and make the briefcase exchange. As they do so, some more photos are taken. Sarah tells Chuck how well it went, and he asks her to meet at their balcony to celebrate with a glass of wine. She's glowing as she agrees. More photos are snapped.

Buy More. Lester tells Jeff that Jinsana's about to meet the real Lester. Jeff: "And Jeff." Lester would rather keep the focus on himself here. Jinsana comes in, looking just as smokin' as before. Lester tells her he's sorry he pretended to be someone he's not, but this is the real Lester. She asks if they should go get a drink or something, and he says, "Something..." Then he asks Jeffrey to hit it. Jeff plays his keytar and Lester starts to sing Whitesnake's "Is This Love?" It cuts back and forth for awhile between Chuck sweetly preparing for his proposal and Lester singing to Jinsana. Which is a little weird, because Chuck's is so real and sweet and perfect, and Lester's is so... well, it's Lester, so it's pretty creepy and weird. Still, I get why they'd use this song for both the awesome and the cheese. Lester takes off his Nerd Herd shirt to reveal a black tank top.

Chuck and Morgan check in, and Chuck says this mission went so smoothly, it must be a sign. Just then a guy comes out and chokes Chuck. Then Pierre comes out, too, and asks Chuck if he thought he'd let them walk away with his money. Chuck flashes and then takes them both down pretty awesomely, with some running up on walls and jumping and kicking. Morgan, watching on a monitor, asks who that guy is. Chuck says he's fine, but his jacket's a little dirty. Morgan put Tide To Go sticks in the left pocket, though. Lester's song picks back up as Chuck hides the bad guys. The song ends and Lester creeps toward Jinsana. She starts to tell him what she thought, but he stops her and breathes: "I know, baby. I know." She tells him it was the most uncomfortable five minutes of her life and storms off. He calls after her that he wants to get married, so she shouts back over her shoulder to try the internet.

At Castle, Casey wonders why Morgan's still looking at the chateau feed now that the mission's over. He quickly deduces Morgan's conducting a sub-mission, and what the sub-mission is. He tells Morgan Chuck's going to need all the help he can get. Sarah's on her way upstairs when she stops. Morgan asks why, and she says she thinks she's nervous for the first time in her life. He tells her everyone gets butterflies, but she says she doesn't. She starts walking toward the balcony again as Morgan tells her that's Chuck out there, his best friend. He says he knows she wasn't asking or anything, but she has Morgan's permission. She thanks him and arrives at the balcony. Casey says "Uh-oh," because he notices the ring came out when Chuck fought and is now on the ground on the balcony. They let Sarah know what he did. She tells Chuck to look at the moon, and leans down to pick it up. Then she heads toward him and kisses him, slipping the ring into his pocket like a pro.

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