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He Shoulda Put A Ring On It

Buy More. Lester's arranged bride is about to show up and Big Mike's prepared to give her the hard truth. Slow-motion entrance complete with wind machine as a sexy Indian lady comes in. Big Mike: "Mr. Patel, you lucky Canadian." Jeffster! ducks down behind the Nerd Herd desk, and Lester tells Jeff that she's a twelve, the stuff of legend, a flawless Hinjew specimen. He wants her as his own. He says marriage is on, and asks Jeff to stop Big Mike and stall her; he has three fat girls to break up with. Big Mike's about to break the news to Jinsana, when Jeff runs up and says that Lester needs to reschedule for a half-hour from now. She says she'll come back.

Before Chuck leaves, Morgan reassures him about the proposal not working last time because so many things were out of his control. He tells Chuck to go back to the chateau and do it again, this time in moonlight, which is the only thing better than a sunset. Sarah hears this all through what must be shoddy air vent work in Castle.

Back at the Buy More, Lester's turned the screening room into some crazy room with a moose head, Canadian flag and Indian music. He's wearing a fur cap. Big Mike shows Jinsana back there, and Lester welcomes her creepily. She starts to introduce herself, but he shushes her and tells her he accepts her because it's written. He pretends to be religious, which backfires, because she thinks he's much more traditional than she is and it's freaking her out a little. He stops her and says he's not traditional at all, actually. He invites her to come back to find out who the real Lester Patel is; he says he makes a fantastic third impression. They pencil in a date.

Morgan arrives in his office and Sarah's waiting there, towering over him, seeming crazy and evil. She tells him she knows everything about the proposal: the balcony, the moonlight. He tries to pretend he knows nothing, so she applies a little pressure. She also says that she's a spy and hates surprises. He tells her about calling off the restaurant proposal after Chuck heard about her parents'. Sarah's upset, and tells Morgan she's now in charge of this. She's going to make sure Chuck goes through with this proposal -- "for Chuck's sake. ...And for mine."

French chateau. Sarah's waiting to make the drop as Chuck watches her with binoculars from above and tells her what's up. He also tells her that if they get done early, they can check out more of the chateau. She talks into her watch (why? why?!) and tells him that sounds lovely, but she says she has a weird feeling that something's off this mission. Someone snaps pictures of her as she says it. Morgan is on a secure line with Sarah and tells her they're go for proposal. She copies it and tells him that if anything goes wrong, he is to tell her immediately. Chuck calls Morgan on the other line, and asks Morgan if he thinks Sarah's onto them. Morgan tells him to get real, and then tells him to keep his head in the game. He hears Chuck futzing with the ring box, and tells him to stop or he'll tarnish the sheen. Chuck tells him he's got it, but he has to go be backup for Sarah now.

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