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He Shoulda Put A Ring On It

Chuck goes back inside and catches the waiter with the champagne. He gives it to a couple at the next table, then sends away the quartet. Sarah's busy not noticing because she's gotten a call from General Redhead. So Chuck leads her out a side exit to avoid bumping into Morgan (in a tux and top hat, by the way) and his balloons. Sweet Cake credits, how I've missed thee.

Castle. General Redhead is filling them in on the guy who was killed in France. He was "one of our finest" agents, and he had a nanochip with lots of important information on it. Sarah explains they can inject these into themselves, but General Redhead says there was no trace of it in his body. She shows them the chateau where they believe the chip is, and Casey gruffs about not wanting to go on a mission to France. General Redhead warns them that a terrorist named Pierre's also searching for the nanochip, and Chuck asks if he's Volkoff. She scoffs at him: Not every bad guy works for Volkoff. Yeah, Chuck, what do you think this is? A TV show? Sarah and Chuck will attend the wine gala tomorrow, and Casey will pose as Chuck's personal manservant. Casey walks away muttering about going from a colonel in the Marine Corps to manservant for a nerd. Chuck and Sarah smile, and then she apologizes about dinner. He laughs nervously, and says it was just dinner, but excuses himself to check in with Morgan. After Chuck's gone, Sarah turns General Redhead back on and tells her that she will do anything in her power to help bring back Chuck's mother and eliminate Volkoff. General Redhead understand her commitment, but says they must wait for the right moment.

At the Buy More, Chuck sweats and worries about how he can't propose to Sarah now that he knows about the nightmare. And it was already difficult enough. But Morgan points out he's going to a chateau in the French countryside, and gives him a sub-mission: He will propose at the chateau. Chuck says he has to focus on the team and the mission, and he's a horrible multitasker, so he has to decline. Morgan won't take no for an answer, because they've exhausted all of their Burbank options. Lester overhears Morgan saying they need a "marital miracle" and yells, indignant, "Why's everyone so obsessed with marriage?!" But he doesn't want to talk about it. Morgan enlists his fixer, Big Mike, to talk to Lester. Turns out Lester's parents have arranged a marriage. He says it's like they're stuck in the ways of the old country, with their dated traditions and obsolete dietary restrictions. He keeps telling them he lives in the U.S. now; he's not in Canada anymore. Big Mike assumes he means India, but Lester says no, no, man. He's part of the Hinjews of Saskatchewan. He says he's embraced American traditions like online dating -- side notes, he's had three dates already today; they're solid fours, which is a twelve and no Saskatchewan bride could top that. Big Mike tells him to try the truth. Lester thanks him, but asks him to let her down easy. Big Mike just realizes he's ended up in charge of letting down Lester's arranged bride.

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