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He Shoulda Put A Ring On It
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It's been so long since we've had new Chuck, and even longer since I've recapped an episode. And then I make you all wait even longer for me to finish this weecap. I am so sorry about that; let's hope it's worth the wait. The episode opens with a man running through a vineyard in Loire Valley, France. He's got a briefcase, and is being chased by scary men and dogs (they look like golden retrievers, though, so how scary could they really be?). He shuts himself in a wine cellar, opens the case, and pulls out a syringe gun. He considers implanting the chip into his arm, but then thinks again and puts it into a bottle of wine instead. The bad guys get in and kill him dead, but not before he's put the wine back, unnoticed. What the bad guys do notice is that the chip's gone. And they have to run when they hear police sirens (which sound totally different in France, by the way).

Cut from the wine bottle to Chuck pouring Sarah wine at a restaurant. He's all nervous and stuff, which she assumes is about his mom. But he tells her he realizes that he hasn't been thinking about "us" with how wrapped up he's been with his mom and Volkoff. He realizes he should be focused on things he can control, like tonight. She asks what about tonight, and when he starts to talk about the future, she tells him not to worry about it, because so much has happened to him in the past couple months. "Besides," she says, "I've got such a bad history with proposals." Chuck chokes on his wine, and she quickly corrects herself: Her parents had a nightmare proposal. Her mother's family had a restaurant similar to this one, and her dad wanted to propose there. He had flowers, balloons, a band. It was total chaos and over-the-top, and someone accidentally lit a carpet on fire with a candle. Luckily, her mother and her family got out with only minor burns. So she tells Chuck to take his time, which is the perfect time for the camera to pan down to the ring he's holding. He tells her that's awful, but they probably laughed about it on their wedding day. She says they actually postponed after that, and her dad said it was the beginning of the end. He snaps the ring box closed, pretends it was his jaw, then goes outside, where Morgan's holding balloons and has a carriage ready. He tells Morgan it's off, because it can't be at a restaurant. Morgan says it's too late to shut down because of the champagne, the string quartet, and the "caballeros." Chuck corrects him: "Caballos?" Morgan says they're already in motion.

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