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Armand Assante, Awesome, and the Angel of Death

Casey comes to in Castle and says he feels like death. He asks what happened. General Redhead pops on the screen and congratulations them, though she doesn't endorse their methods. She thanks Casey for his extraordinary sacrifice. All he remembers its getting shot, but then it comes to him. He looks at Chuck: "You stole my blood and you put it in a stinking Commie despot." Chuck says "former." They present Casey with a thank-you gift from the premier. It's cigars and a card that thanks him and calls him "the Angel of Life."

Orange Orange. Awesome shows up and asks how things went. Chuck says there's no new mission for Awesome, who says he scratched his espionage itch. He says it was all killer, but it's not worth it if you have to give up half your real life. Sarah comes in and Awesome says he has to run to the hospital, finish up some stuff, and get home to his wife. Sarah tells Chuck that Awesome would have made an awesome spy. Of course. He's awesome at everything. Chuck tells her it runs in the family, and she smiles. He asks her what she thinks their cover should be moving forward, and she suggests keeping it simple: friends. He thinks that could work, that he could fake being friends with her. She agrees she doesn't find him completely repulsive. It's a deal. They even shake on it. She asks what friends do, and he says he and Morgan would gorge themselves on processed food and play video games. She says they're not quite there yet, so he suggests they come up with other options.

Awesome calls Ellie from the hospital to tell Ellie he's had a crazy night, and just has to see one more patient before he can come home. She asks him to hurry home, since she has a surprise for him. It looks like the surprise is that she unpacked. He says he'll be there, since he owes her a dance. They say they love each other. Awesome greets his last patient, the Ring assassin who Casey knocked out in the cell. Awesome tells him it looks like his face hurts, and he says Awesome has no idea. He pulls out his syringe of poison. Cut to Sarah knocking on Chuck's door. He asks what's up, and she whispers in his ear. All we can hear is "Devon," but they both look very sad and serious, and she hugs him. Ellie comes out and asks if they've seen her husband and they look at her seriously, and then at each other. She starts to look worried. The end.

Thank goodness for previews, though, since next week: Awesome's being held by Angie Harmon. Chuck thinks this is his fault. And then Chuck has to rescue Awesome, and impresses him with the things the Intersect can do.

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