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Armand Assante, Awesome, and the Angel of Death

Costa Gravan cell. Casey's still gagged and the assassin guy comes in to taunt him. Bad guys always have to do that. He greets him as "John Casey, NSA assassin," and when Casey asks who he is, he replies, "The man who's going to kill you." Casey: "Obviously. Who do you work for?" Turns out he works for the Ring. Awesome and his "medical team" show up to a room in the Consulate where the premier's unconscious. Awesome wants him in a hospital, but his guys aren't having it; they want to keep him off North American soil and alive, thankyouverymuch. [Although unannounced visits to doctors' apartments is A-okay. - Z] Back in the cell, the Ring guy's not giving Casey much information other than to say the Ring wants to preserve Costa Gravan status quo, so the premier must die. He also admires Casey's work in the '90s, but calls him an aging agent. Awesome asks Chuck the plan, and he says they're going to get Casey while he looks after the premier. Awesome asks him and which Army will get them past the guards, and Chuck says, "That would be Sarah, and her fists." And you know she kicks their asses, and looks hot all the while in her nurse uniform. Casey tells the Ring guy he's getting out of there, but the Ring guy says there's enough poison in his syringe to kill an Army platoon. Casey: "Lucky for me, I'm a Marine," then he bashes the guy's head with his own and the fight starts. Sarah finishes beating up the bad guys and holds a machine gun and beckons Chuck to go with her. Awesome says she's some woman, and Chuck agrees. Casey ends up gouged in the leg with the needle, but the guy never gets to plunge it before Casey knocks him out. Casey pulls the needle out, but then a real Costa Gravan guard comes in and shoots him in the leg. By that time, though Sarah and Chuck are there, and they rescue him before he gets shot anywhere else. They go to get Awesome...

But Awesome's not willing to leave and save himself and leave his patient, so he tells them to go, but this is his mission. The premier's guards come in and want to kill Casey, but Chuck wants to save everyone -- Casey and the premier. The guy says if Chuck wishes to prove he's not an assassin, he should prove he's a doctor and save Casey. Casey and Sarah sit down to "operate," and Chuck gets nervous and hot. Finally, right before a guard shoots him, Awesome talks Chuck through it (while keeping the premier alive), saying he has the hands of a surgeon and can do this. Chuck flashes and then asks Sarah for: suction, scalpel, tweezers, gauze, iodine, forceps. He says, "Just like Operation... you know, the game." Then pulls the bullet out of Casey's leg. Sarah and Awesome are so proud. The premier's machines start beeping, and Awesome says he tried to tell them there was nothing he could do for him here, without a blood transfusion, and he doesn't even know the premier's blood type. Casey knows it's AB-negative. He says, "You learn a lot about a guy when you're trying to kill him." He also knows his favorite movie is Terms of Endearment and always showers after lovemaking. Awesome says that's not going to save him, and they need someone else with AB-negative. He asks in English and Spanish, but no one speaks up, so when Chuck notices Casey's shifty eyes, he checks Casey's dog tag. It says "AB-negative," of course. Casey's not having it, so Chuck gives him anesthesia.

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