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Armand Assante, Awesome, and the Angel of Death

Once they're locked out, Chuck tells Sarah, who tells Casey he needs to get in there since the premier's completely unprotected. Casey sneaks in, dressed as a Costa Gravan guard, with a fake moustache. He sees the assassin heading toward the premier and goes toward him. Awesome sees him, doesn't recognize him [For a doctor, his facial recognition skills are decidedly un-awesome. - Z], and thinks he's after the premier. He tackles him. When Casey's moustache flies off, Awesome realizes what he's done. The premier's guards recognize Casey immediately as "El Angel de la Muerte," and take him away. The real assassin's still free. The premier tells Awesome he saved his life. Again. Ellie can't believe he just did that, and Awesome's like, "I can't believe I did, either," but he knows he messed up. Commercials including the latest "Journey to Vancouver" Honda commercial. Awesome's driving now, and Morgan brought some roadtrip music. They sing a bunch of songs, but Awesome and Chuck have to stop and cry after Don't You Forget About Me, agreeing on no more power ballads. I wonder if these will go on until the Olympics. That would be... Awesome.

Castle. Chuck asks General Redhead what she means by "Wait." We see she's in a fancy cocktail dress as he says he hates to interrupt her cocktail party, but they have a man down here. She appreciates Chuck's loyalty and will do everything they can to get the colonel back, using diplomatic channels. She says they can't risk upsetting relations with Costa Gravas, whose future is in the balance. She says Casey will have to handle himself. In a cell, the premier asks Casey when he will realize he can't kill him. Casey says he's here to protect him, but the premier questions that argument from the Angel of Death. He reminds him he put a bullet in his spleen in '83 and blew up his dog, Chuly, in '88. Casey apologizes about that one, since the bomb was meant for the premier. Casey tells him his life's in danger, but the premier's had enough and has Casey gagged just as the assassin comes in. Casey recognizes him, and sees him put poison in the premier's cigar, but he's gagged, so he just kicks it out of the premier's mouth. The premier picks it up and re-lights it. He offers Casey a final smoke, but then decides against it. He takes one drag and goes out like a light.

Back home, Ellie thanks Awesome for tonight and making her forget all about real life. She reminds him of their first night at medical school, and says this place has very nice closets. His phone rings and he pulls it out to turn it off, but it's the Consulate. He tells her the premier needs him; it's an emergency. He asks her to hold onto the feeling; he'll be right back. Awesome finds Chuck in the courtyard and says he can help get Casey back, since he was invited into the Consulate to help the premier, who asked for him as his doctor before he lost consciousness. Awesome swears he'll leave the spy stuff to the pros after getting them inside. Next thing you know, they're at Castle and Awesome's like, "I knew you guys had a secret base! This is badass!" Chuck tells him not to touch anything. Chuck's pulling up the schematics for the Consulate to get Casey back. Sarah comes in and scolds Chuck for bringing a civilian in here. She's going by herself, thank you, until Chuck tells Sarah that the premier's invited Awesome to be his own personal physician. Awesome says here's the plan, but Sarah's way ahead of him... Awesome, Chuck, and Sarah show up at the Consulate, all dressed in scrubs, and are let right in. [Well, the guys are in scrubs. Sarah is, of course, a sexy nurse. - Z] Commercials.

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