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Armand Assante, Awesome, and the Angel of Death

Awesome wants to get Ellie away from the target of the assassination plot. He says he's going in, but Chuck tells him to let a professional handle this. Sarah goes in, and greets the premier and Ellie. He says he's not usually around such lovely ladies, and his doctor tells him to avoid such stimulation. He adds, with a laugh, "But then, my doctor is your husband." The girls giggle, and Sarah leads her away. Awesome tells Chuck how good Sarah is. Ellie and Sarah start talking about Chuck, and how hard this must be for them to be on a sexy date right after breaking up. Chuck and Awesome are talking about it, too: Awesome wonders if Chuck and Sarah have ever, like, you know. Chuck says no, and Awesome's surprised they weren't a real couple. Awesome thinks it would be hard to pretend you're in love with someone like Sarah for three years and not fall for her. Ellie thinks Sarah still has feeling for Chuck. Casey butts in and tells them to cool it with the girl talk -- and he's talking to Chuck, too -- and get back to protecting the premier.

The premier starts to make a speech, which Casey thinks makes him a walking target. Armand Assante is awesome and crazy here, going on and on about capitalism and the historic meeting of these two nations. [They clearly have a relationship now, so why can't America just warn him, again? - Zach] He invites "Mrs. Dr. Woodcomb" to dance. She tries to say no, but he doesn't give her much choice. Awesome looks nervous. The premier sort of grinds all over Ellie, as Awesome looks at Chuck, all "Do something!" Meanwhile, Casey uploads a photo to Chuck's phone of a guy who spent time in a Costa Gravan prison who got into the gala on a stolen passport. Chuck spots him, and Sarah says they have to get across the dance floor to take him out without anyone seeing them or suspecting them of making a move to hurt the premier. Chuck flashes on dance moves and leads Sarah across the dance floor. It's awesome in an entirely different way than the premier and Ellie, who are still dancing. Awesome's still not loving it. Fake passport guy reaches into his pocket and Sarah tells Chuck to take him out. So he does, with his elbow. Turns out he just had a rotten egg in his pocket, and was a political protester. But it was enough to get Chuck and Sarah kicked out to "sober up." On the way out, Chuck flashes on a guy (the "Hey! It's that Guy!" who plays Samuel's brother, Joseph and Desmond's monk) who's most definitely not a Costa Gravan guard.

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