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Armand Assante, Awesome, and the Angel of Death

Castle. General Redhead needs Team Bartowski to guard the premier at an event at the Consulate that night, which is technically sovereign soil, so she says the CIA has no official knowledge of this mission. When Chuck asks, she says they can't tell the premier he's in danger, because he wouldn't trust the country that's tried to kill him for so long. She says their protection must go undetected and shuts herself off. Chuck lays it out: So, if they get caught, the CIA pretends they were on their own and they rot in a Costa Gravan prison. Sarah corrects him that in Costa Gravas it would mean death by firing squad. Casey loves this mission, but has to recuse himself since he's a wanted man on Costa Gravan soil. Chuck laughs and thinks Casey's a little paranoid, but Casey says they called him el Angel de la Muerte (Angel of Death) Chuck says it was the '80s, and the premier wouldn't give a flying crap about him. Casey growls, but just then a bunch of military guys show up in the courtyard. Casey gets weapons and asks for cover, but Chuck points out that they're actually not coming here; they're knocking at Ellie and Awesome's.

Awesome's working out on a stationary bike as the guys knock at the door. Ellie wants him to get it, as she's trying to sleep on the couch after being on call for three days. Awesome says he really needs his workout. Chuck tries to call, but Ellie hangs up on him. The knocking continues, and Awesome finally goes to the door. It's the premier (Armand Assante), of course, and he's there to thank Awesome for saving his life. He laughs, and Ellie comes out to ask him to keep it down. The premier introduces himself and tells Ellie how beautiful she is, then explains that Awesome's a hero, and all the men salute him. He says he owes Awesome his life, and invites them to be guests of honor at his gala tonight. They say yes, and then Chuck runs out and gets himself an invitation (but only after the premier says he sees the resemblance between Chuck and Ellie, with their delicate features that are much better on a woman). The premier and his men leave, and Ellie squeals about how she can't believe this is happening.

Gala. Chuck's worried about Ellie and Awesome, but they think this is totally romantic. Sarah tells Chuck he has to relax if he wants the Intersect to be able to protect them. Casey's in a van outside, telling them where the guards and metal detectors are. Sarah goes to check the doors and Chuck's supposed to look for potential assassins. Unfortunately, there's lots of knives and ice picks and fire where the chefs are, so he goes to talk to Awesome, who asks if they're going to whack the premier. Chuck says no way, they're here to defend. Awesome asks what his mission is, and Chuck says it's to keep his eyes on Ellie all night. Awesome looks over, and the premier's kissing Ellie's hand and flirting. Commercials.

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