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Armand Assante, Awesome, and the Angel of Death

At Castle, General Redhead is filling Team Bartowski in on their mission: to go to the hospital and guard the premier's life. Casey reminds her she's personally ordered him to kill "that Commie crackpot" three times. She reminds him that he failed every time. Sarah mocks Casey for not having the perfect record he's always said. General Redhead says relations between the U.S. and Costa Gravas are changed, because he's about to announce plans for the country's first democratic election. She says they're not assuming this is an assassination attempt until they secure his medical records. She says he's being treated at... but Chuck guesses that it's Westside Medical, and you know it is. At the hospital, men in military uniforms with machine guns guard another guy in a military uniform, when Awesome comes in and tells them not to worry; the doctor's here. Back at Castle, Chuck asks if General Redhead wants him to exploit his relationship with his sister and/or brother-in-law, and she's like, "Duh." She says if anything happens to the premier, she's holding Chuck responsible. At the hospital, one of the uniformed guys tells Awesome the same thing. Opening credits.

Casey's scowling at the TV as Team Bartowski watches a press conference about the premier being released from the hospital already. Who's talking to the press? None other than our own Captain Awesome, who says the premier's an amazing man; a real fighter. Casey's going to be sick. Someone asks Awesome a question in Spanish, and he responds in Spanish, but ends with "muy awesome." Sarah asks if there's anything Awesome can't do, and Chuck says that's kind of where the nickname comes from. Casey's sick of sitting around and wants to apprehend Awesome and get the medical records. Chuck says he's family, and he'll talk to him.

Awesome enters the apartment courtyard, and Chuck spins in his squeaky outdoor chair and tells Awesome he didn't mean to scare him. Awesome: "You didn't." Chuck: "Whatever." He tells Awesome he'd like to talk to him about something, and Awesome knows it's the premier. He asks Chuck if the CIA doesn't want to debrief him or something, and Chuck's like, "Uh, I am debriefing you." Awesome means in the secret base, but Chuck laughs awkwardly and says Awesome watches too much TV. Basically, all Awesome knows is that the premier didn't have a heart attack, so Chuck says that's all he needed to know: that the premier was poisoned. Awesome asks if there's anything else he can do; if the CIA needs an extra set of hands. He says married life is great, but he needs some adventure. Chuck: "You're an adventure-sports cardiologist." Awesome: "Whatever, man! I could do that in my sleep." He needs some real action. He wants to feel like he did on the football field, and can still run a 4.4 forty. Chuck says they'll call him if they need a tight end, but Awesome is his brother-in-law and Ellie would kill him. Yeah, Chuck, I sort of think she'd kill you for doing it yourself, too, but that hasn't stopped you.

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