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Armand Assante, Awesome, and the Angel of Death
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No previouslies. We open instead on a cadaver foot and are told we're at UCLA Medical Center in 2000. A professor's asking for volunteers to help with his dissection, and when he gets none, he calls on Devon Woodcomb. When he doesn't respond, the professor says Devon must have more pressing issues on his first day of medical school (right; like you dissect a cadaver on your first day). So he calls on Eleanor Bartowski, who's not there either. That's because they're making out in a broom closet somewhere. They make small talk, and learn each other's names. But at least they're gaining the appreciation of the human body that the professor wanted to teach them. They undress, and Awesome says he loves med school.

In the present, Ellie's asking for a broom to sweep up a wedding plate she broke. She's cranky Chuck's not there to help them move, but Awesome sticks up for him (as he also tries to channel him while setting up the flat-screen TV). Ellie comes upon their wedding album, and gets nostalgic for several months ago. She wonders when they get another break from real life, and get to be those people again. Awesome says he's going to take a break, get some food, and they'll watch their wedding video on the couch and maybe afterward re-create their wedding night. She wonders about the TV, and he says it's a job for a professional. Just then a helicopter loudly flies over, and Ellie asks if it's just her or there have been a lot of those lately. Awesome pretends he hasn't noticed.

Chuck's arriving home after his helicopter drop-off. When he turns on his bedroom light, Awesome's sitting there, and Chuck screams. Awesome apologizes for scaring him, but Chuck suggests not sneaking into someone's room at night then. Awesome suggests Chuck's pilot land farther from the apartment, and Chuck says he'll work on it. Chuck's opening his spy kit (which has a Buy More badge in it), and Awesome helps him take off some sort of spy gear as Awesome asks where he was, and tells him Ellie's mad that he didn't come over to set up the TV. Chuck says he was on a CIA mission, which was the basic: cocktail party, bad guys, weapons. Awesome thinks it sounds kick-ass, and then tells Chuck he might want to keep his body armor on when he finally sees Ellie.

Awesome and Ellie's. Chuck easily sets up the TV, and Awesome says he could have been a surgeon with those hands. Ellie snidely replies he could have been a lot of things, but she would have settled for on time. Then he turns the TV on, and she takes it back. The news that's on the TV, though, is about the premier of the fictional Communist country of Costa Gravas, who's visiting the U.S. for the first time since 1974. Chuck flashes on the leader, who's a killer. Awesome notices the flash and asks if Chuck's okay. Chuck gets a page, and tells Awesome he has to run. Awesome asks if it's something with the premier, and Chuck says it's confidential spy stuff. Awesome's page beeps, too, and he answers Chuck the same way. Ellie comes out, and Awesome tells her that duty calls, but he'll make it up to her.

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