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"We're the B Team"
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Here's a few things Chuck wants us to know: Greta! Bakula left Ellie a laptop that she figured out, so Awesome gave it to Chuck. Morgan and Casey became roomies as long as Morgan wouldn't tell Chuck about Casey's out-in-the-open secret project.

We open on Morgan being tortured by someone with a disguised voice. The disembodied voice tries to get him to give up John Casey, and when they worked together. Morgan eventually admits they worked at the Buy More, but won't say anything else, despite the threat of imminent torture. Then the lights go on, and Casey tells him he did a better job this time, since he didn't even pee his pants. Then Casey takes a giant gun, touches his portrait of Reagan, and gives Morgan a parting message that if he really cares about his best friend he'll keep Casey's secret. He leaves Morgan alone, where Morgan realizes he did actually pee a little bit. Ew. Close-up of Chuck's face as Sarah counts down. He tells her to shush; she knows how nervous he gets! If you think they are on a mission, working on defusing a bomb or something, you are totally wrong. They're playing Operation. Because they are bored and missionless. Casey shows up at Castle, and they grill him on whether there's a new mission. He grunts, lies that he's returning something (the giant gun), and says maybe there are no missions because the Intersect's made the world a more peaceful place. Sarah tells Chuck Casey's up to something and follows him into the giant, obvious, secret hall about a foot away from where they always work in Castle. He uses his handprint to enter the big, steel door, and then Sarah tries. She can't get in, so Chuck says he'll try. "It's not like they're going to deny the one and only Intersect." That right there, my friends, is some very un-subtle foreshadowing. You'll see. Anyway, his hand doesn't work either. They think Casey's turned into a vigilante, and want to get to the bottom of this. Chuck has an idea...

He knocks on Morgan and Casey's door, and grills Morgan on Casey. Morgan tries to get Chuck to leave by lying that he just waxed his floors, then he denies everything, says he knows nothing, and is just Casey's "domestic partner," not his spy partner. Chuck wonders where all his missions have gone, and Morgan says that maybe the Intersect has made the world a more peaceful place. Sarah and Chuck are back home, annoyed that their BFF and partner would both lie to them. They see Casey leaving the courtyard in what looks like mission-y clothes, so they decide to follow. They justify it by saying he might be in danger if he goes out without the Intersect. So, really, they're just watching his back.

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