Chuck Versus Sarah

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Totally Forgettable

With only two hours left in this entire series, this episode really feels like a ton of filler. Quinn's wiped Sarah's brain and put her on a mission to kill Chuck and retrieve the last remaining pair of Intersect glasses from him before she does so. In order to do this, she has to pretend like she remembers everyone and that she killed Quinn. But Chuck thinks that EvilSarah feels a little off, she doesn't like to snuggle or appreciate back massages and his quirky accents. But EvilSarah overhears him worrying to his sister and tries hard to adapt.

It works and gullible Chuck and suddenly soft Casey let her in on their plan to head into DARPA (a CIA agency that specializes in James Bond-type gadgets) and destroy the Intersect. Quinn has put a bug in Sarah's ear (literally) and tells her to take the glasses and upload the Intersect into them. Once at the facility, Morgan plays Harry Potter and goofs around with an invisibility cloak (sad that the special effects budget for the episode was blown on this) and they get to the typical empty white Intersect room with the antique computer housing all of the secrets of the world. Sarah puts the Intersect in the glasses, threatens Morgan and then locks Chuck, Morgan and Casey in the room with a bomb ready to go off. She tries to tell Quinn he doesn't need to blow up the place, but he does anyway. How much money does our government have to spend rebuilding Intersect rooms?

Naturally, no one is killed or even maimed... this is Chuck, after all. It turns out that Chuck swiped the real glasses before she left, and Quinn is none too pleased. So EvilSarah kidnaps Ellie and tries to bargain for the glasses. The CIA (and Casey) want to take EvilSarah down, as they think all the good in her is gone, but Chuck takes her to their dream house and starts begging her to remember him. How do they keep getting into this house? Is there no alarm system? Neighborhood watch? Mildly annoyed real estate agent? Sarah sees their names carved in the wall (which I'm sure the owners are still really miffed about, bringing down their asking price and all) and starts to remember. But then Quinn enters, swipes the glasses, tries to shoot Sarah and Chuck dives to take the bullet for his beloved. Even though Sarah is an established super spy (and I think still has the Intersect -- even if it malfunctioned a bit -- in her brain), this chunky evildoer escapes her.

Turns out Chuck is fine, again, like he was really in any danger, because he was wearing a bulletproof vest. Casey turns up at Sarah's hotel room and drops off her mission logs, which are sappy and all about how she fell for Chuck. I'm sure Beckman loved watching those on the regular. So Sarah goes back to Chuck's apartment tells him she believes that their relationship was more than just their cover story, but doesn't feel any connection to him. Instead, she's going to go after Quinn to retaliate against him taking away all of her memories and destroying her life.

It was a Buy More-free episode, and I feel like it really could have been done in about five minutes. Particularly since all of the nice flashback memory scenes of their relationship -- which they showed during the house moments, and which mostly showed old nerdy Chuck -- air yet again in the final episode. The only real new information we're given is that Ellie and Awesome have been offered dream jobs at a hospital in Chicago and they're planning on moving.





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