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Sarah Versus The Whole Entire World
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Very groany session with Sarah Walker interrupted by various sexy ideas that turn out to be not-so-sexy ideas: Mostly, that Agent Carmichael needs to flash on the Intersect. She's kind of obsessed with it. But given that the last we saw Chuck he'd been kidnapped from Der Bösewicht Berghütte by Mr. Thorn Bird himself, I don't think that's really Sarah. So this is two things: First, the baddies using sex as a motivator, and second, the whole thing we talked about last week with the Intersect, and thus being an illegitimate legit Spy, as sexual failure. It goes on for a while, with the requisite subtlety -- "We could do other stuff! You know, we could kiss more, or talk!" -- but Sarah scoots away. On the other side of Chuck in bed is suddenly Lester, joking around about brain-Viagra and how Chuck could never keep a girl like that without the Intersect, etc.

Of course, Lester showing up means something is dreadfully, awfully, annoyingly wrong, so Chuck backflips out of the mental Slapchop the bad guys have him in, and outside of his mind they are so very irritated. The other mad scientist guy is or is not the doctor that Adam Sandler made fun of during one of the many movies comprised by Funny People. They realize that Lester was the wrong choice -- Lester is always the wrong choice -- and it turns out that they are using names from Chuck's phone, along with whispery suggestions, to make the brain machine chair make him dream things. So... Sure, whatever. That seems feasible. This is a TV show about downloading the internet into your head.

They think about using "Ellie," and there's a nod here to the fact that it can't be old home week -- no dad, none of my Bryce or Routh -- because they're just using names out of his phone according to the number of times he's called them. We run through expo about how the whole diamond thing was or was not actually a scheme to get Chuck's brain, which is like a diamond with many microdots inside it, and how this all will work.

"It was clear from his interrogation that anxiety is his strongest motivating emotion," they say. "God knows he is a neurotic man." Then they describe what this episode would be about, if it were about that: "When we find the right mix of people from his life to pressure him, he will become so anxious about not having the Intersect that his brain will be forced to flash. But this woman... Nothing makes him more anxious than this Sarah Walker."

Sounds fun! Not actually what this episode is about.

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