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Buy More. When Chuck arrives, Hannah asks where he's been: Paris again? He says, "Dubai, actually," and she's like, "Funny." Then she asks if he's been next door at the yogurt place. He looks worried, but she says she knows his ex works there. She starts to leave, and he asks her what about the tutorial. She says rule number 1 is not to work on an empty stomach, so she's going to get sushi on break (hey, the stalking was right). Morgan finds Chuck, and asks if he can talk to him for a second. Chuck says he's kind of beat, and Morgan says he can imagine: "All that travel." Chuck, worried, asks what travel, and Morgan's like, "Just driving around town on all those installs." Chuck smiles nervously, and Morgan asks if there's anything Chuck wants to talk him about. "No. Is there anything you want to ask me?" "No." "Okay, then. Good talk." "One of our best." Man, what terrible communicators, and it's not even all Chuck's fault. Chuck leaves and Lester asks Morgan how it went with Hannah last night. Jeff asks if he took her to pound town. Ew. Morgan would like more research, and Jeff says he told him they still need to study her sleeping patterns. Morgan says not on Hannah. "Research on Chuck." Jeffster!: "Finally."

Ellie and Awesome's. Ellie tells Awesome they got the tickets from Chuck to Paris. They're first class. Awesome says they can't go. They're not free. Nothing is free, and there are strings attached. She asks what strings; this is Chuck? Awesome's like, "Uh, you have to obey me. Yeah, I think that was in our vows. I forbid it." He takes the tickets and heads to Chuck's, giving Morgan a tense hello on his way by. Ellie follows him out, yelling, "You forbid it? Are you kidding me, Devon?!" Morgan asks her if everything's okay, and she says it's not. She thinks Chuck and Devon are keeping a secret from her. Morgan asks if she's suggesting Chuck's caught in a giant web of conspiracy and deception. She knows it sounds ridiculous, but Morgan's like, "I couldn't agree more. Finally someone with some common sense." She says they have to figure it out, and he tells her not to worry: He's got his best men (stalkers) on it.

Chuck's downing Johnny Walker at his place, depressed. Sarah and Casey are watching at Castle. Casey says he's growing up, and asks Sarah if she ever thought he'd be able to burn an asset when they first met. She says no, and Casey says, "He's turning into a spy. It's a good thing." He leaves, and she asks herself, quietly, "Is it?" Then we flash back to Sarah's end of that scene from three years ago. She asks someone on the phone if they think this kid's got the Intersect. The man on the other end tells her he's connected to Bryce Larkin. She asks, "Weaknesses?" And the man says, "Bright, but an underachiever. Lonely. Had his heart broken recently." Then the guy sends the picture to Sarah's phone. She looks at it, finds Chuck, and says, "Piece of cake." She walks forward as we get more "Vicki Vale. Vick, Vicki Vale."

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