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Casey tells the Ring guy he'd rather kill Manoosh than let them have him, so they're on the same page. Ring head honcho says he guesses he dies, then, and Chuck says he's not going to die, because Chuck has a laser pen accurate enough to "shoot the wings off a fly if one was so sadistically inclined. WHICH I AM!" The Ring operative tells his guys not to drop their guns, because he can see in Chuck's eyes that he won't kill him. Chuck says that's fair, but he will burn off his earlobe. Chuck presses the button, and a little knife comes out of the end of his pen. Chuck's like, "Casey! I specifically asked for the same pen you got." Casey thinks it's typical Bartowski to bring a knife to a gunfight. Then Chuck flashes on some sort of ninja knife nearby and throws his little knife pen into the Ring guy, so fighting breaks out. Sarah and Casey fight and shoot, but Chuck flashes on the Nacho Sampler and Frisbees it at a guy's head to knock him out. Sarah and Casey run off after the Ring guys, and Casey tells Chuck to watch Manoosh, who can't walk out of here knowing what he knows.

Manoosh tells Chuck how awesome that was, and how glad he is that Chuck was here to rescue him so he didn't end up in a deep, dark cell somewhere. Chuck says he can't let Manoosh go. Manoosh pleads, and promises not to tell anyone what he knows. He swears he'll disappear. Chuck sighs and gestures for him to go. Manoosh thanks him and says he owes him his life. Chuck watches him go. Sarah and Casey are out in the convention area when they see Manoosh leave. They watch as Manoosh turns and waves at Chuck, then walks away. Casey says he guesses Bartowski doesn't have the stones and picks up his tranq gun. But then Chuck trains his own tranq gun and shoots Manoosh. The crowd "oohs" and "ahhhs" at another impressive simulation. Casey guesses he was wrong, and Sarah doesn't look so happy about it. Chuck looks more than a little sad. Commercials. I love Tracy Morgan, but dear lord, Cop Out looks horrifyingly bad.

Castle. Sarah tells Chuck that Manoosh has to go underground, because if the Ring finds him he could build another Intersect. She says it's the only way, and asks if Chuck wants her to handle it. He says yeah, but he has to. He walks in to the room Manoosh is in, and Manoosh says he's been freaking out and when will they let him go. Chuck says they can't let him go. He's being sent to a secured isolation facility, where he'll be safe. Manoosh says he didn't do anything wrong, other than try to make a few bucks. He pleads Chuck to help him, saying he thought he was his friend. Chuck: "I'm not. I'm a spy." Some CIA guys come in and drag Manoosh away. Chuck looks sad, and Casey helpfully offers that the only way to deal with burning an asset is Johnny Walker Black.

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