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Chuck 2.0

Dubai. Weap-Con. Women in sexy camo bikinis wielding automatic weapons for show. Casey's dream come true. Team Bartowski shows up, and Casey immediately stops at the deadly pen booth. Sarah tells him no shopping, but we hear him ask how much for a laser pen. Another guy is selling the mobile interrogation unit. Then Manoosh heads onto a stage for a presentation. He's met with skepticism and laughter when he tells them the greatest weapon in history is... him. He says he was pathetic a day ago, then he puts on the glasses and asks them to behold him now. He says he's now a deadly kung-fu expert, and everyone laughs again. He asks for volunteers, and he gets several. He flashes and Tobey Maguire's stunt man does his thing again, as he knocks them all out. Team Bartowski heads backstage as Manoosh tells the crowd to imagine an army of men like him. He's starting the bidding in five minutes, at $50 million. Everyone wants a pair or 10,000.

Backstage, Manoosh finds the nachos he requested. Casey wants to tranq Manoosh, but Chuck says he can handle this, since Manoosh is his asset. Casey says they're only safe if Manoosh is under lock and key. Chuck says he can control him, and runs out to greet Manoosh. He tells him he came to protect him by stopping him from making a horrible mistake. Chuck knows about the glasses and the new Intersect. He's an agent with the CIA. Manoosh: "This friendship was fake?" Then Sarah comes out, and Manoosh is all, "That wasn't real, either?" Dude, that is the part you should have known wasn't real. Chuck says these are bad people Manoosh is selling to, and Manoosh asks if they're worse than a guy who pretends to be his only friend? Um, yes, dude, by a lot. "Or a woman who pretends to have intercourse with me?" Chuck: "Intercourse?" Manoosh says he doesn't need friends while he has the glasses. He runs off, but the Ring operatives descend, surrounding him and Team Bartowski. Ring head honcho tells Manoosh he believes he has something of theirs.

Commercials. Ring guys handcuff Casey, Chuck and Sarah to chairs and then leave them alone in a room. Casey says it's a good thing he bought that laser pen that burns through anything. Chuck: "I thought Sarah specifically said no shopping." Then Casey tells Chuck to come over and grab the pen out of his inside pocket. Chuck bangs his chair against everything, then does it. It's pretty funny when Chuck's face is buried in Casey's chest. Then, as he gets it and Casey tells him to be careful of the button that activates the laser, Chuck activates it and Casey ducks out of the way. Casey tells him to aim carefully and not make him a eunuch or he'll teach him the meaning of "eye for an eye." They laser themselves out of the cuffs and out of the room. Manoosh is still backstage trying to deal with the Ring operatives. They don't think they need him anymore, so he drops and crushes his glasses and says they do. Then Casey, Chuck, and Sarah come in with guns. The Weap-Con guy brings them backstage and says it looks like there's a simulation going on back here, and that many of these weapons are ideally suited for these types of hostage situations. The crowd is impressed. Then they leave.

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