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Chuck 2.0

Manoosh shows up, and Chuck leaves Devon to greet "Manizzle." Manoosh thanks Chuck, and asks if they're friends. Chuck says they are, so Manoosh tells him he'll be rich after the trip he's taking, and he's going to start his own company and he and Chuck can work together. He says he won't forget Chuck. Ring phone rings, and Manoosh tells them he's still working the kinks out. Chuck asks who it was, and Manoosh says it was some people who hired him, but he found out he can get way more money on the open market. Luckily, he's no fool. Chuck tells him to wait here while Chuck gets him some going-away yogurt. At Castle, Casey's scanning and probing the "weapon," and says there's no sign of ordnance. Chuck comes in and tells them that Manoosh doesn't know how dangerous the Ring is, and they have to give the weapon back to him so they don't hurt him. Casey says he's building a weapon, so he's no innocent. Plus, he's an asset, who's served his purpose as a conduit to information. As they talk, Ring operatives come into the Buy More, and Manoosh sneaks out the back. Casey gets one piece of the "weapon" open, and some foam comes out. Chuck: "Anthrax? Agent Orange?" Outside the Buy More, Manoosh tells the Ring operatives he'll go with them, but needs to put his shades on. As Casey discovers the foam is shaving cream (cool shaving cream bottle!), Manoosh puts on the sunglasses, which are ... the Intersect. He kung-fus all the Ring operatives, just like Chuck did last season finale. This must be where they used Tobey Maguire's stunt double. Chuck looks either concerned or jealous that there's another geeky, fuzzy-haired Intersect. Commercials.

Chuck wonders how Manoosh did that, since he thought only his dad could. Casey says the Ring lifted some components of Intersect 2.0 from a CIA warehouse, so Manoosh must have reverse-engineered it. Chuck says Manoosh mentioned getting rich by selling the weapon to the highest bidder, and Sarah gets a hit on Manoosh using his credit card to book a flight to Dubai. Chuck wonders what's there, and Casey holds up a brochure for Weap-Con, "the greatest weapons convention in the world." He goes every year, and finds it very relaxing. Delighted, he says, "I guess I'll get to write this year's off as a business expense."

Morgan's "office." Hannah knocks and says she heard he wanted to speak with her. He says it's nothing, just wondering how the Buy More's treating her. She hears Swan Lake playing, and says it's her favorite. He says it's his, too. She notices his Sans Respirer poster, and says she must have seen it ten times. He replies, "Twelve," which is supposed to mean he's seen it that many times, but more likely means he knows from his stalkers that's how many times she's actually seen it. Knowing Morgan. He says he can't get enough of French New Wave. She sits down and says she can't believe how much they have in common. He tells her it's sad that his colleagues (colleagues?) think Burbank is the center of the world. She's like, "I know, right? Chuck had never even been to Paris before last week on that install." Swan Lake picks up as Morgan's like, "Chuck went to Paris?" He can barely keep his cool as she says she forgot she's supposed to keep it quiet, but he obviously knows, as assistant manager. Morgan's like, "Right. I know everything." He gets up and climbs over the desk as Hannah tries to ask what goes on at the yogurt store since Chuck's always running over there. Morgan tells her Chuck's ex works there, and he's having trouble letting go. Morgan turns to leave, and Hannah asks what he wanted to talk to her about. He says "nothing," and leaves her alone in his "office." Outside, he mutters, "Paris? Where else has he gone?"

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