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Manoosh is snoring as birds chirp. Then a foot starts rubbing his face, and suddenly Sarah's there, asking him to "wake up, baby." He asks where he is, and she says it's her bedroom, but he must not remember. He asks if they... and she says yes, that it was amazing, and they both just passed out after. He asks what it was about him, and she says he was mysterious and sexy, and he talked about his top-secret work, and secrets turn her on. He blurts out that it's a weapon, a new technology that'll change everything. She asks him to tell her more, but he asks if they can first have sex again, since he doesn't remember it. A hand comes in and shoots him with a tranq. She gets up and leaves the room, which is really just a dummy room in Castle. Chuck and Casey are watching from the other side of a two-way mirror. Chuck's worried about how many times they've tranqued Manoosh (Sarah assures him it's nothing, and just makes him forget the previous five minutes). Chuck says he should have handled this, since Manoosh was his asset. When Manoosh wakes up and starts moving around, Casey suggests tranquing him again, and Chuck says, "Take it easy, Tranqenstein." Manoosh pulls out Chuck's card and calls him. Chuck greets him as "Manizzle," and asks how last night was. Manoosh can't remember but says he guesses Chuck must be the best wingman ever. Then he asks if Chuck saw a briefcase last night, since his life work's in it. Chuck assures him he got the briefcase, so they schedule a meeting at the Buy More in a half-hour (interesting that Manoosh would assume he could be at the Buy More in a half-hour when he has no idea where he is).

They tranq Manoosh once more and then Chuck opens Manoosh's briefcase, despite Case's protests. They dig past clothes and sunglasses to find a weird geometric red thing, but Chuck doesn't flash so they don't know what it is. Chuck almost drops it, but since they think it's a weapon, Casey freaks and takes it away. Sarah tells Chuck to give Manoosh his briefcase, but Chuck's worried what the Ring will do to Manoosh if he doesn't have the weapon. She tells him to try not to think about it, which makes being a spy much easier. He looks sadly at Manoosh, still passed out in the observation bedroom.

Buy More. When Chuck shows up, Awesome's waiting for him. He says he's freaking out, since Ellie found the ticket to Paris, and he's sick of lying to her. He can't do it anymore. Chuck tells him to calm down, that he knows the secret, and there are strings attached to that. He says if Ellie finds out, they'll both be stuck in witness protection and Awesome doesn't want that. Chuck says the lying is difficult now, but it does get easier. Ellie enters the Buy More just then, so Chuck hides Awesome. Ellie finds Chuck and they have a conversation about Paris. She wonders why they keep secrets now, and he says they don't. He tells her about the install, and how he didn't tell her because he did such a good job that they're letting him use the flat for another week, so she and Devon can have a proper honeymoon. She hugs him, and back at Castle, Casey tells Sarah that he told her Chuck's ready. "He's a good liar. You taught him well, Walker." On the camera, we hear Chuck tell Ellie there are no secrets between them. Like that's going to go over well when she inevitably finds out. When she leaves, Awesome tells Chuck how cold-blooded it was for him to lie to her like that. Chuck says there are some things she's better off not knowing.

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