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Chuck's reading -- or, rather, hiding behind a copy of -- Y: The Last Man when Manoosh sits down next to him at the bar and compliments his taste in literature. Chuck puts down his book and agrees. Manoosh recognizes Chuck, who apologizes about earlier and says they had a bet going about who could get someone to steal something from the store, and he won. Manoosh knew something had to be up for a hot girl like Hannah to talk to him. Back in the van, Casey's eating as he says you don't need a 160 IQ to figure that out. But Sarah coaches Chuck to boost Manoosh's ego. It's really interesting how good she is at this, and makes me call into question all of her sincerity in the past. Manoosh orders "the usual," and the bartender tells him they're out of the Nacho Sampler, since Chuck ordered the last one. (Casey says they stole all the guac.) [Fiends! - Z] Chuck offers him some of his, and Manoosh accepts.

Morgan's "office." He asks Jeffster! what they found out about Hannah. They say she's out of Morgan's league: She's sophisticated, eats sushi ("with chopsticks and without the rice!"), and listens to classical music. Swan Lake is her most played tune. Lester: "She also likes French cinema." Jeff: "And foreign films." Lester says that even with them spying, Morgan doesn't stand a chance. Back at the bar, Sarah says Chuck's doing a good job. There are about nine beer bottles in front of Manoosh and Chuck (what kind of bar doesn't take away the empties?), as they discuss their college experiences. So similar, except Chuck lies that he dropped out of Stanford, and Manoosh says he did the same, but at MIT. "I knew I could tell a fellow underappreciated, underachieving man of intellect." Casey: "Great. Two geeks in a pod." Chuck asks if Manoosh is suggesting Buy More's not impressive. Manoosh says everyone will be impressed soon enough, because he has something big planned. Chuck asks what he's working on, but then Manoosh's phone rings, and... it's a Ring phone. He gets off the phone and mocks the people on the other end for acting all tough and thinking they're intimidating with their secret phones. Casey traced the signal on the phone, which bounced back from a few miles away because the caller was also tracing Manoosh. He tells Sarah it's her turn.

Inside, Manoosh says he wants to tell Chuck what the big weapon he's working on is, but he can't. Sarah walks in and unzips her tight leather jacket to reveal a half shirt that says, "Frak off." Casey tells Chuck he had to send in a closer since Chuck wasn't working fast enough. Sarah smiles at Manoosh and he asks Chuck what he should do. Chuck tells him to just play it cool, and Manoosh asks if that's what cool people do. Sarah sits down next to Manoosh and flirts, then the Ring shows up. Casey tells her to get him out now. Sarah leans in and kisses Manoosh, which Chuck has to turn away from. Then she uses some little gadget to knock him out. She tells Chuck to get him and she'll get the briefcase. They get him out just before the Ring (their head honcho says, "I want him alive") comes in. In the van, Manoosh comes to and says this is the best night of his life. Casey commends Sarah on making another geek bite the dust. Chuck looks horrified at the realization that he, too, was once Manoosh. Commercials.

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