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Buy More. Jeff and Lester are asking Hannah out. Jeff wants her to hang in his van, but Lester says he's disease-free and doesn't think Jeff can say the same thing. Chuck rescues Hannah and reminds her that he's safe and everyone else is dangerous. He's ready to start the Bartowski Tutorial now, but then Casey tells him it's yogurt time again. He has to go, and she asks about the tutorial. He says lesson 1 is to never work hungry. On his way out, Chuck asks Morgan to keep an eye on Hannah, since the vultures are circling. Instead, Morgan asks Jeffster! to come to his office, which is actually the broom closet (he empties the brooms every morning; although, logically, if the brooms fit somewhere during the workday, you'd think they could also stay in that place at night when there's no one in the store working, so why move them back at night?). Morgan's wedged a desk into the closet, so he has to crawl over it to get behind it and sit. Jeffster! sit, and Morgan tells them there will be no dating in the workplace. Lester applies logic: "You dated Anna." But Jeff applies his constitutional rights, one of which he says is to fornicate. Morgan tells them the thing is that he likes Hannah and would like them to lay off. Jeff's okay with this if he can sleep over with Morgan and Chuck twice a week. Morgan agrees. Lester's condition is that, for the next hire, Morgan needs to find Lester a wife: "a woman of color. Preferably Padma Lakshmi." Morgan: "Done." Then Morgan asks Jeffster! to use their stalking skill set to find out everything there is to know about Hannah. Lester: "Consider her stalked." I know some people were creeped out that they'd make stalking funny, but I would have to point out that they've also made people getting killed and beaten up funny, too. You can't really apply real-life logic to this show, in other words. And, anyway, stalking is funny.

Castle. Casey's showing Chuck credit cards bills, phone records, and says there's only one female caller in the last year, and it was his sister. Chuck feels sorry for this lonely guy. Then Casey says he's sorry; that was Chuck's old file. He opens Manoosh's actual file, and says, "Oddly similar. Battlestar Galactica. Dune." It's important to note he says this with a look of disgust, but Chuck's eyes light up in excitement at the mere mention of Dune. Casey continues, "Nacho sampler. Sounds like your dream date." Sarah tells Chuck the problem was he came on too strong, and doesn't want to seem like he's making advances; the other person needs to feel in control. Chuck asks what they'd told Sarah that day she came into the Buy More. Casey asks what he thinks since he hadn't had a date in over a year, and "they don't waste the blondes on just anyone." Sarah says sweetly that they thought she and Chuck could connect. Chuck remembers Sarah left her card, and felt like it was the luckiest day of his life. "God, I was pathetic." Sarah says, no, he was sweet and innocent, and she liked him, which made it that much harder. She looks lost in thought and ignores him when he asks why. Casey interrupts to tell them "Sap's on his way to the bar. Let's go."

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