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Casey tells him not to get so cocky, since one "mish" does not an agent make. Sarah says it's difficult to earn an asset's trust while knowing you might one day have to burn them. Casey says the trick is to find out the asset's hole in his life and fill it. He says Manoosh is friendless. They watch him enter the store (without a CPU, I might add) on their surveillance camera, and Casey tells Chuck it's showtime. Chuck tells them not to worry: "Piece of cake." When he leaves, Casey looks at Sarah and says, disgusted, "Mish?" Chuck's at the Buy More, with Casey and Sarah back at Castle. Sarah tells Casey Chuck's not ready for an asset, and she's worried. He says her job's to train him, not to worry. Then he tells Chuck where to find Manoosh: with the newest Buy Moron (I'm liking this new nickname). Chuck interrupts Manoosh and Hannah, and sends her away despite both Hannah's and Manoosh's protests. He gets all condescending with Hannah, telling her she'll get her chance to shine as soon as she's ready with a poke on the nose. Then he asks Manoosh what he can do, but Manoosh doesn't want his help since he ruined his chance with the hottie. So Chuck says he detects a Burbankian accent on Manoosh. Sarah and Casey look at each other, all "WTF?" Chuck tells Manoosh his eyes are hypnotic, and Casey tells him to get a room. Manoosh decides he'll get the CPU repair piece he's buying somewhere else, so Chuck tells him just to take it for free; it's on him. He's puzzled, but takes it. Sarah tells Chuck to ease up; he's coming on a little strong. Chuck gives Manoosh his card, and says to call if he needs anything else, or just to talk. Manoosh leaves with no intention of ever using that card. Casey stands corrected: Chuck's not ready. Sarah sing-songs, "Thank you." Opening credits. Does NBC actually think people will watch The Marriage Ref?

Awesome's zoned out on the couch in front of the TV when Ellie drops her keys on the table behind him. He freaks out, and she's all, "Are you okay?" He pretends he was just caught up in a fascinating article on kidney failure. She says he's been jittery and not himself ever since the generalissimo's party. She says he doesn't rock climb or ride bikes, but just lays around. "It's like being married to Morgan." Except, you know, hotter. Awesome says he pulled a hammy and will be back on the bike in no time. She wonders if she can ask him something about Chuck, and Awesome's like, "Yeah, but he's your brother. I can't imagine I'd know anything." She asks if Devon knows if Chuck went to Paris, since she found a claim ticket in his luggage (what was she doing snooping in his luggage, anyway?). Awesome's like, "Yeah, he mentioned it." Ellie wonders why he wouldn't tell her, since he's always wanted to go to Paris. She asks if he got to see the Eiffel Tower, and Awesome's like, "Yeah. No. I don't know. I am late for rounds." She asks what he's hiding, and he says, "What? Like a conspiracy?" Then tries a different tactic: "That I love you? Which I am not hiding. Let's talk about this later. There are kidneys failing as we speak." Yep, still a bad liar.

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