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No Nunchucks for Chuck
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Buy More. Morgan shows up in his assistant manager vest as Otis Redding sings "Respect". He walks to the backroom, and we soon realize he's not getting respect, because someone's tried the heated doorknob trick, Lester's giving him the silent treatment, and Jeff gives him laxative coffee. Morgan's too smart for that and won't drink it, then orders Lester to get out of his seat. We then see that Lester's been hovering (very convincingly) over the chair instead of sitting. When he moves, Morgan sits right down in the glue they've put on the seat. Uh-oh. Respect kicks back up as everyone clears out and Morgan hollers for someone to send Chuck back.

But Chuck's busy grilling Casey on Agent Superman while Casey seems to be doing actual work at the Buy More (at least that makes one of them). Casey says to go ahead and ask Agent Superman himself, since he's been living at Castle. Chuck wonders if he's really in charge, and Casey says he is, and right now, he's questioning Sarah. Chuck wonders what they're talking about, and we cut to Agent Superman asking Sarah if Chuck's a real spy. She says he is, even though he's been at it much less time than most. Agent Superman says he's read everything about Chuck, and "sometimes he's like Bond; sometimes it's like a Jerry Lewis movie." Perfect description, actually. I heart Agent Superman. He asks if Chuck's a liability, and we cut back to Chuck, all, "The review's about me?! Shouldn't he ask me about me?" Morgan interrupts them by sliding in on his chair, and Chuck asks if he's glued to it. Morgan says he is, and that everyone's teamed up against him. Morgan says he needs help. Casey mutters, "You give me five minutes running this Popsicle stand and we'd be ready." Morgan: "Ready for what?" Chuck: "The Russians." Casey gets a page, and Chuck follows him away from Morgan, asks if that's Agent Superman and says that his voice should be heard. Casey: "Your prepubescent little girl screams are going to be duly noted," because Agent Superman wants them both in Castle now.

Castle. Agent Superman's scribbling on some notes with glasses on -- an obvious Clark Kent shout-out, right? -- and Chuck tells him that he's sure things have been said about himself or his abilities, but... Agent Superman interrupts him and says this is his meeting. Then he stands up and says they can all agree Team Bartowski's been dysfunctional, and it's obvious what the problem is. He points to Casey and Sarah and says, "Them." They're like, "WTF?" And even Chuck's shocked. Agent Superman tells him he could be a great spy, but they won't let him evolve. Chuck: "Really? I mean, yes, really!" Sarah says Chuck's not ready, and Agent Superman tells her it's "duly noted, and ignored." Then he tells Chuck he's going on his first solo mission to Paris. Is Chuck ready? "Absolutely." Opening titles, followed by our latest "Journey to Vancouver" Honda commercial. This time, Morgan doesn't believe Awesome that the GPS knows its way anywhere, so they take detours to the giant Paul Bunyan and to Mount Rushmore and Yellowstone (we see snapshots). And Awesome does his GPS impersonation, which Morgan thinks is Australian, but Ellie says is actually his Irish accent. Funny, because when I was in Ireland, our GPS had an English accent.

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