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Solve For Agent X

Soft, relaxing music takes over for the party themes thumping in the Hummer as we cut back to Sarah and Ellie, toasting Champagne over Ellie's kitchen table. Sarah asks about the plans, and Ellie says they're going to a spa the next day to do body scrubs and massages. Sarah's clearly annoyed, but tells Ellie it sounds relaxing. Ellie tells her to get ready for some hardcore aromatherapy.

Awesome arrives at his destination and tells everyone it's time to tear this town a new one. They all jump out, excited and screaming. They're all out of the car before they notice they're in an outdoor camping area, not Las Vegas. Chuck points it out to Awesome, but Awesome shows him the campsite's sign. "Welcome to Las Vecas Nevada State Park." Chuck wonders if Awesome's been saying "Las Vecas" this whole time and Awesome wonders what else he would have been saying. Chuck: "Las Vegas." Morgan wonders why Awesome said they were going to the "city of sin." Awesome says it is the city of Cinn... amon Falls. They ask about taking over the strip, and he says he was referring to the mining strip next to their campsite. Lester asks about chasing tail, and Awesome clarifies he was talking about the huge yellow-belly marmot population here. "They love being chased." Casey's cool as long as he can set up a gun range. Awesome tells him this is nature's gun range. Lester asks Jeff if he's okay, and Jeff excitedly says he knew they were going to Vecas. He's going to find some magic fungus in the hills, and maybe chase a little tail.

Back at the apartment, Sarah tells Ellie she better go rest up for the big day, but Ellie says this is her bachelorette party, and they have to get her tired before she gets to rest. She leads her back to her and Chuck's place, where a bunch of girls are waiting to yell "Surprise." Ellie asks Sarah if she really thought she was going to take her to some lame spa. Then she tells Sarah that the Cat Squad was away in Libya, so these are Ellie's work friends and some people from Wienerlicious. Really? And the spa idea is "lame"? I'd take a spa day over most anything, but who wouldn't take it over partying with non-friends? Sarah and Ellie, I guess. Sarah gets a text just then from General Redhead telling her there's a security breach in the Orion computer.

Back at Las Vecas, Awesome's getting everybody pumped up to forage, but Lester's having none of it. Chuck says he knows they were expecting Vegas, but Awesome worked really hard to put this together. Morgan thinks a hike does sound fun; he's never done that before. Chuck says this weekend is about bonding, isn't it? Lester says it's really not, and Big Mike agrees that it's about steaks, gambling, and getting into some weird stuff that might haunt you for life. Lester would like a word with Big Mike, so they step aside. Lester says he has a plan, but Mike doesn't need to hear it; he's in.

Sarah calls Chuck, who doesn't answer, and asks him if he knows where Ellie keeps their dad's computer because she needs to get it back to Castle. Ellie and the girls surround Sarah then, though, to put a toilet paper dress on her. Really? Is that a thing? They even put a toilet paper bow in her hair. As Ellie's wrapping Sarah in toilet paper, Sarah tells her they have to get the computer to a secure location now. She asks what happened, and we cut to Riley, who says they're getting close to the computer. Ellie and Sarah go back to Ellie's place, but she finds that Awesome took the wrong bag, and must have the computer. Some henchmen types in suits start to sneak up at what looks like the courtyard as Sarah assures Ellie that Awesome's not in any danger. They hear a noise and head back into the courtyard. The henchmen, all dressed in black, walk up then and single out Sarah. Then they start stripping, because apparently that's what Ellie hired them to do. It's really weird and creepy how they all dance around and get up in Sarah's face. All the while, she's trying to call General Redhead to be put in touch with "our agents in Las Vegas." All the other ladies at the party seem to be into it, though, so at least the stripper money didn't go to waste.

Meanwhile, Riley and the sexy lady arrive in the woods, since the computer's led them there. Chuck and Awesome are hiking alone, which Chuck uses as an opportunity to tell Awesome he knows he didn't take the hard drive out of Orion's computer. Awesome apologizes, but he just couldn't take that happiness away from Ellie. Chuck gets it and is happy she's happy and that she's continuing the work, but he feels like the secrets are tearing his family apart. Casey and Morgan quietly sneak up then, and Casey shushes them and asks them to get down and kill their lights. They watch Riley and the sexy lady go through everything until they find the computer. Chuck wonders why Awesome brought it and he, too, realizes he took the wrong bag. Riley tells the sexy lady that this is what Ms. Volkoff wants. Chuck tells Awesome she's no one and it's complicated, but Morgan simplifies it: She's Chuck's nemesis. Jeff stumbles into camp and asks Riley and the sexy lady if they're here for the bachelor party. He assumes she's a dancer, and starts offering her dollar bills. Awesome wonders who Agent X is, and Chuck says he thinks it's him. Awesome apologizes for letting Ellie touch the computer. Morgan apologizes for letting Awesome plan his bachelor party.

Down in the camp, sexy lady's tying Jeff up. He thinks it's all part of the fun, and keeps moaning and screaming "Let's get this party started!" Riley tells her to torture him, and, if he doesn't talk, see that he never talks again. Up in the trees, Casey starts rubbing dirt on his face. Sexy lady gives Jeff truth serum, and the guys in the trees worry about Lester and Big Mike possibly wandering in. A guy sneaks up on the gang, and Casey breaks his neck. He says he'll draw the rest of the mercenaries -- all former Green Berets -- out of the woods and they'll take them on with homemade spears. Chuck, meanwhile, will go down and free Jeff.

Big Mike and Lester aren't at any risk of joining the party any time soon. They're busy using GPS in the Hummer to search for the nearest casino. Lester thinks they should stay local, but Big Mike would like to go all the way to Vegas. He turns on the Hummer to get the hell out, but Lester stops him and says they can't just leave the others; "they could die out here." Big Mike: "Take the drama down a notch." Lester says he really only cares about Jeff. They battle over the steering wheel.

Morgan and Awesome sit and make the spears. Morgan gets a splinter, and freaks out about it. Awesome asks him if he's ever killed a man, and they small talk about it (he hasn't, but pretends he has at first) while Casey quietly kills a mercenary behind them, and another one. And a third. Finally Awesome asks if they hear something, but Morgan says it's jitters. Casey approaches and asks how the spears are coming. They tell him they're really sharp and really feel bad for those mercenaries. Casey says they ought to, since they're all dead. He just had them making spears to keep them out of his way. Brilliant!

Chuck's heading into the camp to free up Jeff when Riley calls his men on his radio. Casey replies and tells him he's out of friends. Sexy lady tells Riley the captain's unconscious. Riley orders Jeff -- who's passed out from the truth serum, apparently -- dead, and she heads to do it, which is the perfect time for Chuck to come in and flash to save him. They knife fight as Riley sneaks away to find the others. He only finds his own dead man in a tree, though. Sexy lady stabs the Orion computer and ends up on top of Chuck, when Casey comes over and knocks her off of him. He apologizes for interrupting Chuck's lap dance, and they all take off to the Hummer. Riley radios for help. The gang pretends to Big Mike and Lester that they're getting out of here because Jeff's having a bad trip. Jeff wakes up enough to call this the best party ever. "Vecas, baby!"

Back at the apartment courtyard, Sarah greets Chuck and asks where they've been since no one could find them in Vegas. Chuck says it's the wrong Vegas. She asks about the laptop, and Chuck says Vivian sent a team to try to get it. Awesome says Ellie has no idea what she got herself into, and that the girls would have been ambushed if he hadn't grabbed the wrong bag. Sarah agrees and says Ellie deserves to know, and she'll tell her. But Chuck's ready to tell her. Sarah te

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