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Solve For Agent X
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A few things Chuck wants us to know. Ellie and Chuck have been lying to each other about who and what they know. Vivian wants to track down and kill Agent X, the only man her father was ever afraid of. Now: A sexy lady walks down some stairs and struts through a warehouse. When a guy points a gun at her, she flashes a badge and pretends she's here to help with some break-ins. Then she drops the papers she's holding, and when he leans down to pick it all up for her, she knocks him out with a punch to the face. That's when Riley comes in and tells her what great work she's done. They unlock a box and pull out what looks like a GameBoy. The sexy lady skeptically asks if it's the computer with all the Agent X files. Riley says this is just a tracker to lead them to it, which means someone in the CIA is keeping track. Sexy lady thinks this was way too easy, and she assumes the CIA is protecting the real computer much better.

Cut to Ellie spilling spaghetti on the computer's keyboard. Then shirtless Awesome comes down and asks her to put some tanning lotion on him, since he's leaving for Chuck's bachelor party soon, and it's going to be sunny in Vegas. She rubs it on and tells him about this picture of an old house that she came up with on her dad's computer. It was at the end of some sort of crazy story problems she solved, apparently, and now she can't figure out why. She can't understand why her dad wants her to have this picture. Awesome asks her why she's still working on this when she should be getting ready for Sarah's bachelorette party. Ellie promises she'll put it away as soon as the party begins. Awesome goes upstairs to finish packing for the "dude trip." He's all pumped up: "Vegas, baby! Vegas!"

Buy More. Jeffster! are also excited for Vegas, judging by their crazy gear. Lester asks Morgan which casino they're hitting up first, since he's got a "fat stack burning a hole in my crotch." Morgan says he doesn't know, though, because he put Awesome, a Vegas expert, in charge. They ask Casey which casino he loves, but he says the best things about Vegas are the gun ranges. He brought some of his "fancy targets." He opens a binder to display a picture of Osama bin Laden with a target on his head. I knew it was Casey, not Jack Bauer, who killed bin Laden. Or maybe they worked together? What a team those two would make, right? Terrorists beware! Big Mike comes up and sulks because Morgan's mom won't let him go to Vegas. Morgan falls victim to the Big Mike pouty face and tells him to march into the house and tell his mom that he has to work at the Buy More all weekend. And Morgan promises to vouch for him. Big Mike hugs Morgan and tells him this is the greatest thing a white person has ever done for him.

In their crazy giant bathroom, Sarah's taking a bubble bath while Chuck's packing. He wonders what a bachelor should wear to Vegas, and Sarah tells him that a bachelor does not wear that. We finally see Chuck, in beach shorts, a button-up shirt and a sport jacket. He wonders why she's not digging the business up top, party below the waist look he's got going. Then he comments on her sexy bathing, and she says she's just reminding him what he'll be missing while he's in Vegas. He promises to remember, then asks what Ellie's planning for her. Sarah says she has no idea because every time she tries to get information from Ellie, she's on their dad's computer. Chuck says that Ellie's always been into puzzles. One of his earliest memories is when she solved the twelve-sided Rubik's cube before he'd gotten his out of the box. Sarah asks if Chuck's told Awesome that he knows he didn't swap out the hard drive. Chuck says he hasn't talked to him yet, but plans to this weekend. He can't imagine a better place for a sincere, heartfelt conversation. Sarah scoffs that he's really never been to Vegas.

When Chuck shows up to get Awesome later, Ellie quickly hides the computer in her bag and answers the door. She lies that she was reading a book, and Chuck tells her she doesn't have to lie; he knows she's planning Sarah's party. Awesome comes down and tells Chuck he's going to make a man out of him this weekend. Then Awesome grabs one of the two identical bags from the living room and leaves. Somewhere else, Sexy Lady and Riley lock in on the computer's location in Echo Park, Los Angeles. Cake.

Awesome is driving the gang -- Chuck, Morgan, Jeffster!, and Big Mike -- in a stretch Hummer toward Vegas. He tells them to get ready, because even if they've been to the city of sin before, they've never been with him. Chuck thanks him for planning this trip. Awesome tells him he lives for this. Then he tells everyone they need to think of this weekend like a war (Casey's listening!), and "when we get there, we immediately take over the Strip." Lester says "high-rollin' on the strip" and throws a bunch of coins in the air, which come crashing down all over everyone. Morgan asks what the hell, and Lester says he's making it rain. Then he adds, "Dollar, dollar coins, y'all." Awesome tells Lester to save his energy because Vegas is the land of excess. "And for those who like to chase tail, there is plenty of that, too." Big Mike tells them to rest up since they might not sleep again for a long time. Just like The Hangover.

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