Engaged And Confused

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Engaged And Confused

Not!warts. The camera spins slowly above The Zombie Triad as they telekinetically play with a shimmering mass of sparking electricity suspended above their heads for some reason or another. In a nice -- if not entirely necessary -- little effects shot, the camera passes down through the electric spray itself before swooping past Asmodeus's head just in time to catch the blue glow of Raige's hidden orb cloud as she arrives with her sisters out of sight beneath a table in the school's library. Once they've materialized, the ladies poke their heads out and fret about the task at hand for a bit before Phoebe volunteers herself as demon bait. Turns out that's unnecessary, for The Zombie Triad has sensed their presence, and Candor breaks formation to send a Flaming Ball Of Death buzzing through the air at Piper's head. She deploys the Hands to detonate it in mid-air, but the force of the resulting explosion knocks Piper and Raige against the wall while sending Phoebe hurtling halfway down the hallway beyond. Asmodeus spins another FBOD in Phoebe's direction, but she scrambles to her feet and darts around the far corner just in time to send the thing plowing harmlessly into the wall. Candor heedlessly barrels after her, despite Asmodeus's shouted warning that The Zombie Triad is stronger together. Raige taunts Asmodeus into launching yet another FBOD at herself, and orbs away in a last-minute dodge before Piper finally pops up to draw a bit of Fat Guy With The Stupid Earring's firepower in her direction. The instant he releases the FBOD, Piper flings out a freeze that, because she's dealing with upper-level demons here, sends him, Asmodeus, and the FBOD into slow-motion rather than halting their forward momentum completely. Nevertheless, it gives Raige enough time to shuffle Asmodeus into the FBOD's path with her orbing telekinesis so that when Piper flicks her wrist around to break the freeze, Asmodeus instantly erupts into a gout of fire, howling and blazing his merry way down to The Waste Land. Piper immediately switches to the Mighty Hands Of Discontent, and dispatches the woefully weakened Fat Guy With The Stupid Earring with a mere three blasts. Candor returns from his wasted chase after the Feebs just in time to watch Fat Guy go boom and, quickly realizing he's now sorely outnumbered, dissolves into a downwardly disappearing column of smeary Triad teleportation.

The ladies regroup, with Piper anxiously wondering why her Dolt has yet to be restored to her. Phoebe guesses there exists a threat greater than The Zombie Triad. Raige rolls her eyes at this as any right-thinking person should, but Piper looks upset, because she misses her gargoyle-faced ice pop. Aw. Not. CANCELLED!

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