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Carrie starts this episode off in a house party in Manhattan. I'm so pleased for any time spent away from the halls of Castlebury High that I won't even ponder the logistics of how Carrie goes back and forth and where all this fabulous free time is coming from. Carrie is sitting close to her new playwright man, Weaver, who is the toast of the town but not so much that he'll be recognized or bombarded at a busy house party. Carrie is telling Weaver that she wants to be a "journalist" but "not the detached kind, I want to use my own voice to let people know that I've been there and seen it." This is odd, coming from a girl who has been few places and seen few things.

We learn, as Carrie and Weaver discuss Gonzos of all kinds, that the party is Weaver's. Samantha is there, and Weaver calls her "a character," and that could not be more accurate. Writers should never date other writers, is maybe the moral of this relationship. But Carrie doesn't learn that until she dates Berger in Sex and the City, so there's something else to gain here. Carrie says she loves dating a writer. What a fool. Carrie and Weaver start making out, and don't stop until everyone has left the party, presumably.

Weaver comments on Carrie's "cute little diary," bringing it back to this series, and it becomes clear that Carrie is staying over at Weaver's often, so there's part of the logistics problem. Carrie takes her "journal" everywhere so she has it when inspiration strikes. Weaver has finished the first act of his play but won't let her read it until it's finished. They love dating writers! This changes pretty quickly when Weaver tells Carrie his play is about his ex-girlfriend, Katya.

Carrie tells Mouse and Samantha about this at a diner (does she have clothes somewhere in Manhattan, too?), followed by an admission that she and Weaver haven't had sex yet. Carrie is planning on not telling Weaver that she's a virgin, after making such a big deal about it with Sebastian. Sebastian, who is so cavalier about sex that he's sleeping with a very sexy housewife. No one asks about how to fake your hymen not breaking.

Mouse suggests that exes should be wiped from the brain bank whenever a new relationship commences, but it's a very naïve viewpoint. Carrie thinks maybe it's possible to be friends with an ex, but there is too much paint and roughage between her and Sebastian for that to be the case for them. Samantha excuses herself to go to her new job as a nude model for art classes.

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