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Seventeen Candles

Maggie runs into Donna and tries to lord over her that Walt "might want to get back together," but Donna confidently affirms that she is not Walt's type. I'm on Team Donna in this instance. She tells Maggie to move on while she can.

At the Interview party, Sebastian is drunk. He is winning the Worst Birthday Boyfriend award. They see Walt and Bennett talking and crash through that. Bennett suggests Carrie go talk to Tripp about the book to seal the deal and Sebastian offers to go with her, after threatening to beat him up. All of this after Carrie downplayed her ambition to be an author for her horrible, embarrassing, drunk boyfriend's favor. What a role model. Carrie offers to get Sebastian home and misses out on her potential book deal.

Back at Spirit Night, Maggie excitedly tells Mouse that Donna basically told her she and Walt broke up because he wasn't over Maggie. I wish all the girls except Mouse would stop acting so dumb in this episode. Mouse organizes the basketball team yearbook photo, and they suggest that she be their team manager. Mouse loves this idea because she loves taking notes and organizing things, also the power of ordering jocks around doesn't hurt.

Carrie tries to drive Sebastian home in his stick shift, then he tells her he's drunk because of his mom and he's sorry he ruined the party. His mom cancelled on him, so Sebastian had to ruin something for someone else. They go inside to talk about Sebastian's emotional baggage. Carrie agrees to spend the night, but then Sebastian's mom shows up.

At the record store, in a total John Hughes moment, the record store employee guy kisses Dorrit. I like most of Dorrit's storylines because they aren't beholden to being a Sex and the City precursor. They can just be '80s.

At the party, Walt gets Bennett's card and Bennett either sees himself as a gay mentor or doesn't mind having a high school student as a love interest.

Carrie leaves Sebastian to hang out with his mom, bummed to not have a sexual experience on her birthday. She is also bummed that neither of her opportunities worked out that night. She should be -- but is not -- bummed that she gave up her own interests and played dumb for a guy.

Tom gives Carrie her credit card, and Dorrit presents her with a mix tape of their mom's favorite songs. Carrie invites everyone, including Dorrit, out to breakfast courtesy of dad's credit card and boyfriend's car. Then she meets up with Donna at the diner, with the Coach bag. Donna looks fabulous, by the way. Carrie gives her the Coach bag for being a good friend to Walt. They both know Walt is gay, so Donna gets an expensive bag for it. Aw heck, she deserves it.

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