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Seventeen Candles

At home, Tom asks Dorrit if she got Carrie a present. She says she did and doesn't need help wrapping it, then rifles through some old records from the house to try to cover. Tom sees her doing this and, in his Tom-ish way and tells Dorrit to stop lying. Dorrit heads back to the record store to get Phil Collins.

At the literary event of the year 1985, Larissa swings through and asks Carrie if she has a book deal. It must have been just that easy back then. Also without a book deal so far, Walt is nervous about seeing that guy Bennett, who kissed him at the Halloween party. Larissa forces Carrie into Tripp Ramsey, who "specializes in wunderkinds." He is possibly a creep.

Walt finds Bennett, and apologizes for calling him a fag. Bennett apologizes for kissing a high school kid from Connecticut who isn't comfortable with his sexuality yet. Then Bennett tells Walt how he realized he was gay, and Walt listens interestedly and without disdain. Donna has helped Walt come a long way.

On the other side of the room, Carrie is telling a half-moon of kiss-asses and Tripp Ramsey about her book she was just informed she's writing. She calls it a coming-of-age story about a virgin whose friends are teaching her all about sex. Tripp says it's good to make it about sex because sex sells. Definitely a creep.

Tripp seems interested in publishing Carrie's book or maybe in using his power to seduce a high school girl, and invites Carrie over to a corner for a drink. Sebastian shows up at the party and swoops in for a hug. Tripp remarks that Carrie seems busy and leaves. A pox upon these high school boys, always outdoing him in the girlfriend department. Sebastian asks if he's interrupting and Carrie lies to him because she's a 17-year old girl and isn't career motivated yet.

Ughhhhh Sebastian is the worst. He shows up, downs a glass of whiskey, then asks Carrie to leave her party. "I want to be somewhere where it's just the two of us," Sebastian complains. Then why did you come to the party, ya jag? Boyfriends are the worst.

Back at the record store, the boy who works there tells Dorrit she has suspicious and pretty eyes, then teaches her how to shoplift and gives her the tapes she wanted to steal. Not sure if Dorrit got that Phil Collins record she paid for or not.

At Spirit Night, Mouse is feeling neglected by Stacy, who can't help but prioritize boys. Just before Mouse leaves, Stacy grabs her and asks her to round up all of West's teammates for a yearbook photo. Mouse pulls Stacy aside and asks her to stop shaming herself.

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