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Seventeen Candles

Sebastian agrees to hang out with Carrie at the coat check on her birthday because being with her is all he cares about. Being with Sebastian is all Carrie cares about and now that Carrie is finally happy, her friends are free to care about other things that don't concern Carrie. Donna sidles up to Carrie and asks her if Interview got the new Coach bag. She may be a bitch, but Donna is in the know. She asks Carrie to get it for her, since she owes her for giving away Sebastian. Call me a Jens, but I like Donna the best.

Yet again, everything is happening on Friday night. Carrie's party was happening, but is now cancelled for the party. Mouse has to go to Spirit Night. Maggie is under the impression that Walt wants to get back together. Maggie so stupid. Then Walt rolls in and confirms that he's so relieved they are just friends again.

Dorrit goes shopping at a record store for Carrie's birthday, selects a Phil Collins album, then swipes an 8-track and puts it in her pocket. The guy at the record store flirts with her a little, then tells Dorrit they might have something she likes even better in the back of the store. In a moment I found genuinely entertaining, he pushes Dorrit into a back room and locks the door, telling her he will call the police. He lets her out later, saying Dorrit should thank him for teaching her a lesson. He also notes that if she had stolen anything besides the Dead Kennedys he would have called the police, but she gets a good taste in music discount. Dorrit is 14 and offended, so she leaves.

At Carrie's house, Sebastian stops by to let her know that his mom (who is distant and always off with the tennis instructor or whatever despicable rich white people do) called. She wants to hang out on Friday night. Carrie says he should, but feels sulky that no one is treating her birthday like it's special.

On her birthday that she can't believe they forgot (how Sixteen Candles), Carrie brings Walt into Interview with her to work the coat check. Walt has stars in his eyes and doesn't care about money. Carrie ogles the writers on the list and Larissa tells Carrie to looks out for a certain publisher to further her writing career. Larissa is a very encouraging superior. Then Larissa forgets she told Carrie to work the door, breezes over the fact that it's Carrie's birthday and tells Carrie her only job is to work the room. Whatever.

At Spirit Night, Mouse gets excited to see Stacy, but Stacy is looking a little too urgently for West. Stacy tells Mouse that she's just another smart Asian girl, which is not a hook. And Mouse needs a hook. West has many.

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