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Zen and Now

Is this the final episode of Carrie living in that swank apartment in New York? I hate that. I don't want to return to Castlebury with them. At least Walt is out now. Packing up at the end of the fantasy we only got a glimpse into, Walt and Carrie congratulate themselves on making it a whole summer in such a dangerous city. Walt had much of his bike stolen, and Carrie got a lot of necklaces ripped off on the subway. But that's easy compared to seeing exes every day!

Larissa, who I thought we'd seen the last of, busts in through the door. I wonder if she'll die before The Carrie Diaries can catch up with Sex and the City.

Back in Castlebury, Mouse has college applications for Maggie to start working on, but all Maggie wants is a date with Emilio Estevez (the '80s!). Mouse recommends that Maggie spend $200 to apply for college. $200 from her summer of babysitting and brief stint waitressing at the country club. Speaking of crappy friends, Tom's skeezy friend is back and promising "hot babes" and "hot blondes" at a charity auction. He's also offering Tom a position back in New York City. Being a bigger lawyer means more cocaine and more hot blondes.

Back at Larissa's apartment, Larissa regales Carrie and Walt with stories of her time spent in Japan, trying to be a geisha and sleeping with the CEO of an electronics company. She learned to be "Zen" from this CEO, explaining it's all about being calm and detached and centered. Carrie thinks being Zen would be lovely because then she wouldn't care about Sebastian anymore. Go for it, Carrie, anything to get rid of Sebastian.

After hearing about how Walt and Bennett are keeping it casual, Larissa invites them to a hot Japanese festival. She encourages Carrie to invite Samantha. Back in Castlebury, Sebastian asks Dorrit for help with Carrie. How exhausting.

At Larissa's festival, Yushiki, Carrie is transfixed by a gardenia and finds some Zen. Walt and Bennett take a stroll through the gardens. Walt talks about how hard it will be to be closeted back in Castlebury and Bennett's best advice is to be like the ninja and get out of high school without getting punched.

Samantha shows up and shouts, "what in the hell is this place!" and Larissa dismisses her as "bridge and tunnel crowd." Uh oh, the two obnoxious and entitled friends of Carrie won't get along.

Maggie is walking home and her hot cop lover pulls up next to her. I care even less about this guy than I do about Maggie. Evidently he's engaged, though, and he misses hanging out with a horny teenager. He tells her she doesn't want to go to the library to work on applications and she agrees, getting into his cop car. Is he on the clock? Too many plots.

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