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Fight and Flight

In just 13 episodes, The Carrie Diaries went through a whole school year. Now (finally), Carrie and her friends are graduating from Castlebury High. I've had just about enough of that place; we need to get to fabulous '80s Manhattan and fast. They run out of the halls of their high school in burgundy graduation robes, reflecting on how they "can't believe" all these things and they "really did it." There's no high like a graduation high.

They review their big plans: Carrie is going to start at Interview and live with Sebastian for a few weeks until she finds her own place. She's still not getting along with her dad. Walt is going to Pratt, also in the city. Mouse is going to Harvard, of course, while Maggie will be … 20 minutes away from her boyfriend Pete? Whatever. Whatever with Maggie.

After Mouse and West take pictures together as co-valedictorians, they awkwardly discuss their plans for the future. West is going to Princeton. They leave things on a stilted note. Things are equally unsettled between Carrie and Tom. Dorrit tells a very butthurt Tom to get over it but he won't. He tells Carrie she's ruining her future.

Carrie has packed up her room and eagerly awaits her future as a Working Girl. And she's ahead of her time, because that movie came out in 1988. She reads an article in the paper about Larissa and her plans for "the art world," and feels even better about working for her. She even says, "look at us, we're making it big in this crazy city," to Sebastian. Sebastian holds back a bit, saying passively that his life is leading him more toward California. Carrie says she figured and is hoping that they can take their trips together. She just doesn't get it.

Samantha, meanwhile, runs into that guy Elliot who is married but interested in her. He finds her at the racetrack because betting relaxes her. He says he needed to see her and Samantha reminds him that he's married. He says with Samantha sex is more than just a physical act and he has no explanation for it. She takes him in to bet on some horses.

Carrie arrives at work to a very shaken up office. A coworker advises her to keep her head down but she goes in and asks Larissa how she's doing anyway. Larissa announces that she's been fired. Her boss is mad that he wasn't mentioned in the newspaper article. Somehow, it is revealed that this means Carrie is fired, too.

Carrie goes immediately to the registrar at NYU to try to get back in, but the admissions guy tells her there's nothing she can do. I thought I knew how jobs and maybe colleges worked but clearly I have no idea because none of this is making sense to me. This crazy city! This guy advises Carrie to talk to the head of admissions to maybe get in for the Spring.

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