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Truth or Carrie Diaries

Carrie and Sebastian hang out in a deserted pool, in the shallow end because the only thing she's treading is thin ice. Dad sees her sucking face with Sebastian in the pool, a moment that gave me the first twinge of real high school feelings while watching this show.

Then it goes back to Fantasy Carrie Land, though, as Sebastian follows them out to apologize and introduce himself. Mr. Bradshaw compliments Sebastian on his handshake, and knows his father.

Walt is waiting for Maggie outside her house still, and it's dark. He tells Maggie he is not in love with her and thinks they should break up. Maggie offers to change and asks why he doesn't love her. She just doesn't know that she'll be the best hag Walt has ever known.

In rueful Full House fashion, Carrie and her father have a heart-to-heart about honesty and trust and expectations. Carrie promises "no more screw-ups" after her dad threatens to take away her unpaid internship. Then he asks her not to go out with Sebastian because he knows the Kidd family.

"You expect me not to see the cutest guy at school?" Carrie asks him, stupidly expecting her father to have more of a personality, to be more than just a plot device. Carrie puts her purse photo in the famed Diary, reflects on telling the truth, then pursues Dorrit, who only wants to watch things stoned but offers up a bootleg copy of Purple Rain.

Sebastian shows up at Carrie's door to pick her up for the concert. Carrie says she can't, but doesn't give this poor man's James Franco the details. Sebastian is totally fine with this and steps off. Later, after the girls concur that Purple Rain was hardly worth watching, Maggie stops by for post-breakup consolation. They make sandwiches and agree with Dorrit that they are so lame. Friendship is the best, lies are totally the worst, except when they're useful and don't hurt anyone and you get away with them.

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