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Truth or Carrie Diaries

Meanwhile, Maggie and Walt are fighting because Walt hates that he is gay. But enough about those boring losers, Carrie has a Fashion Photo Shoot Montage to get to.

As Carrie holds a zebra in the background of the photo being taken, she remembers she has work to do. Larissa, queen of lies and shoplifting, gives Carrie a Dior scarf and tells her she has to fake it to make it. Just like Carrie's supervisor will fake not being hungry on her date, having just secretly eaten a pail full of Moo goo gai pan. Carrie is an hour and a half late, and the work horse supervisor is not willing to sign off on those credits. She calls Carrie out on getting away with things because she is young and cute, so at least there's one character with some perspective on this show.

But, because she's young and cute, Carrie did all the work she was asked and then some. Also, Carrie gives Ms. Beige the scarf, presumably to wear over her outfit that already has a built-in scarf tied into a bow. But what does this woman know of fashion? She'll wear a million scarves around her neck if it will get her laid. Carrie thinks it's OK to lie about the scarf being found in the bargain bin. This woman will probably get arrested for stealing it on her date. Another life ruined by lies.

Mouse sees Donna and Sebastian talking at school in one of those mysterious rooms. They really have a natural rhythm and flirtation together. I like them as a couple.

After school, Carrie shows Walt a photo (how?) from the shoot. She confesses that she was terrified of being caught by "Bitchy Barbara," but lies saved the day. Yeah, fuck Barbara, right?

Walt tells Carrie he plans to surprise Maggie with sex after school the next day. Then Mouse stops by after studying for the spelling bee or whatever. This is her social life. Mouse tells Carrie she needs to "move. fast." on Sebastian because Donna was being nice to her. Carrie tailspins into the ultimate lie: meeting Sebastian at the swim club, where she told her dad she'd be.

Carrie discovers the newly-faithful Dorrit at the swim club, and Dorrit is disappointed but understanding. Walt waits to surprise Maggie with an invitation to his penis, but Maggie is ready to get her rocks off with that police officer.

Carrie and Sebastian swim together, while Maggie and Police Officer do stuff in the backseat of his car. Maggie asks him to "lie with me" (the crux of the show) and he takes this to mean, "touch my boobs some more." Dorrit storms home angrily, having worked herself into a lather on the way home, and Ineffectual Dad is like, "you're home early."

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