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Truth or Carrie Diaries

Sebastian apologizes, and Carrie demands the truth. If Sebastian and Donna bagged, I will send some snail mail to the CW and demand that this show be renewed immediately. But no; Sebastian denied a kiss and tells Carrie they were smoking pot but didn't want her to know. I hope someone gets murdered on this show, just to spice things up.

"I'm not gonna lie and say I don't like to party. I do," Sebastian tells Carrie in another perfectly cultured pearl of dialogue. What will Carrie do with this guy who likes to party but will still turn down a BJ? At lunch, Maggie recommends that Carrie move things along physically, holding a carrot like a cigarette. Mouse's sadness about a guy and the failing relationship between Maggie and Walt are briefly touched upon, but not even the writers care enough about those things to dive in. Let's talk more about how Donna LeDonna is a slutty bitch who must be stopped.

Whilst chewing on a Red Vine ('80s?), Carrie lies to Maggie, telling her that Walt might just be "waiting for the right time." Maggie tells Carrie that she seems too busy for Sebastian, so she should make time for him or she'll regret it. There's a friend with her priorities in order.

Carrie is understandably not excited about going to her garbage internship at the law firm, but at least it's in the city and one of the associates is just ripe for a makeover. The dour-looking sad sack doesn't have time to go to Century 21 for a new date outfit, but has stacks of file boxes full of "work" that needs to be "collated" to give Carrie.

Carrie calls Larissa, who answers on a giant brick of a cell phone because toot toot honk honk it's the '80s. Larissa tells Carrie she needs the purse today because they had to bump a shoot with one of the Coreys. Carrie thought the shoot was in two weeks (yes, only the day before the magazine comes out, probably). Larissa needs that purse, because the stylists didn't bring any extra accessories I guess. Carrie wants her purse in this magazine more than she wants to collate, so she decides to lie. Lying is the theme of this episode, the narration stops itself just short of saying.

Carrie then takes another forbidden personal call from Sebastian, and gets caught by the haggard old 1980s version of me. She asks Carrie to run an errand, grab files from storage on the Constantine case, and pick up lunch. She needs to be back by some unnamed time in the afternoon to get her credits signed off. Wouldn't it be a little late for lunch, then? And a little too close to her date to be eating? Not that I expect an airtight plot/timeline from The Carrie Diaries.

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