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Donna LeDonna, quickly becoming my favorite one-dimensional character on this show, is still after Sebastian. More on that later, but first, some blowjob stuff.

Maggie, the slutty friend, wants to be slutty with Walt, who is gay and doesn't want to get a blowjob. He just doesn't have a very good imagination. Walt is using the excuse that he wants their first time to be special. Do you think AIDS will come into play, this being the 1980s and all, or is that just going to get swept under the neon zebra print rug?

Then, this dialogue happened at the country club:
Donna LeDonna (having just finished a story, in front of grown men, about her small bikini, turns to Sebastian): What, you don't like bikinis?
Sebastian: I like 'em just fine.

Home run, script. Sebastian doesn't care for country clubs, has a bad attitude, Donna LeDonna steals him away for "a tour" blah blah blah. Why does everyone belong to this effing country club? Mouse sees Sebastian and Donna walking away, and immediately excuses herself from the table, where they were probably talking about college and becoming master violinists, to call Carrie and report.

Mouse does the math: Sebastian + Donna = Trouble. Carrie trusts Sebastian, but Mouse puts it in the most straight-forward way possible: "you know she's going to be all flirty and pouty and talking to him about sexy things." Sure enough, while Mouse is planting the seed of doubt and mistrust, Donna LeDonna is laughing and giving Sebastian a look that says, "I'm built for blowjobs."

The next school day, in a school-themed sweater that I'm not sure about yet, Carrie tells Sebastian her purse will be in "Interview" Magazine in two weeks. I have a hard time believing they would put the shoot off for that long, and an even harder time believing they would deny us a New York Fashion Photo Shoot Montage on this show. Sebastian is all, "what's a purse? I was thinking about blowjobs." Just kidding, he wasn't like that.

This would be more interesting, to me, if more of it took place in New York City. I feel like I am the one being grounded. Carrie asks Sebastian if he ran into anyone interesting and he is avoidant. Tension doesn't build, as Donna LeDonna steps in wearing Sebastian's jacket over her bitchy outfit. The Jens smile blandly in the background, because they have completely lost sight of their moral compass, and now find their leader's behavior enviable. Donna returns Sebastian's coat, which means nothing except that she learned how to be manipulative for no reason very early in life.

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