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The Lyin', the Wig and the Wardrobe
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In a matter of weeks, The Carrie Diaries has caught up with us and it's spring in 1985. And with spring comes spring break for high school students. Carrie is taking advantage of spring break to work at Interview magazine all week. Walt will take this opportunity to visit Bennett, his gay crush, and Maggie will take this opportunity to be boring. Meanwhile, Sebastian will be complaining about his flighty, rich mom, and Mouse is managing the basketball team.

Sebastian's mom shows up at the high school to unload on him between classes. The poor acting in this role tells me Sebastian's mom is not long for this show. She cries to Sebastian like he's her therapist, and Sebastian unpacks his mommy issues on Carrie. Even though it's not entirely descriptive of an unpaid internship, I like that the show utilizes "She Works Hard for the Money" to transition Carrie into the work week at Interview.

Carrie arrives at Interview on Monday morning bright-eyed and bushy-haired, trying her first sip of coffee. This is in the days before the Frappuccino, the gateway drink into the world of coffee. Carrie answers a trendy looking phone perkily and Andy Warhol's assistant is on the other end requesting that Larissa pick up a package. Carrie tells them Larissa will be on it right away, not knowing that, according to Bennett, "Larissa's field trips can last for days... everyone knows that."

Bennett puts the pressure on Carrie, telling her she needs to figure it out or else. Carrie, who has nothing better to do at this job, picks up her bag and heads out to get that package on a cab fare she can't expense. When she arrives at some store or gallery, a shop girl Pretty Womans her away. Filled with shame for looking her age, Carrie decides to pretend to be Larissa. She tucks her infamous name necklace under her shirt and turns her "Carrie" bag around, ready to go in for the kill.

I actually enjoy the charm in this Carrie Bradshaw (AnnaSophia Robb) moment. The accent is more like Madonna's than Larissa's, but the wording and the attitude are right, having me think that this Carrie Bradshaw is a quick-thinking, fun character who knows how to find her way out of a jam. The salesgirl thinks the same thing of fake Larissa, and offers to let her try on their fall line while she waits for the package that isn't there yet. So, this package might not be so urgent after all, if it's still not where they asked her to pick it up at least two hours later.

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