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I Give a Damn About My Bad Reputation

At the Paris Party, they are about to announce the winner of the trip to Paris. Weaver approaches Carrie’s friends and discovers that in a sassy gay rage, they called one of his body parts diminutive. They hope Weaver learned his lesson as he stalks off. Larissa tells Bennett that Andy heard he’s highly desirable now. Andy is giving him a raise and promotion to Feature Editor. Everyone clinks their glasses again and again. The winner of the trip is Carrie Bradshaw, of course, but Carrie isn’t there. Samantha accepts the tickets and heads for the limo.

Sebastian sits down next to Carrie and tells her that he doesn’t care 'bout a bad reputation. He says all that matters is that Carrie knows the truth. Carrie compares him, yet again, to Weaver, because Weaver is kind of a celebrity and Sebastian is not so he can afford to think that way. A doctor comes in and reveals that Maggie pulled through from surgery, but will have trouble conceiving in the future. But all Maggie wanted to be was a mom! And all I wanted was for this show to kill off a character!

Carrie and Sebastian head for Maggie’s recovery room, but Carrie stops off at a payphone to call Larissa. Larissa tells Carrie she won the trip to Paris but Samantha took it and went with the busboy. Carrie says "good for her," which is not a human reaction. Then, after a little Paris trip foreshadowing, Carrie asks to talk to Tristan Cassidy and retracts her spiteful comments about Weaver. In an even further robotic and good-hearted move, she gives him her name in exchange for retracting the penis size story. WTF.

Carrie and Sebastian sit with Maggie in recovery, then we return to the markedly less interesting story of Mouse and her boobs. She flashes the basketball team her boobs to prove that the picture is her. Inconsequential yuks are had by all. Then, Walt’s conservative mom sees his gay picture in the society pages and looks down her nose at him. Maggie’s father has elected to forgive Sebastian because he took Maggie to the hospital, but tells him to stay away from her and get the hell out of the hospital. Now everything is fine for Carrie and Sebastian, and they’re in love, and everything else is just noise.

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