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I Give a Damn About My Bad Reputation

Carrie skulks through the Paris Party, swooping in to confront Weaver about that gossip piece. Weaver says he wasn’t misquoted in Page Six and reminds Carrie that he’s a wordsmith (douche). He says in order for him to come out on top, Carrie had to take the hit. Weaver doubts Carrie when she says she cared about him, because she broke up with him and went right back to Sebastian, in his mind. He tells her she’s lucky he didn’t name her. Carrie storms off and straight toward Tristan Cassidy, saying that Weaver is a pathological liar and a needy, insecure bastard. Real mature. Carrie also offered to let him quote her on saying he has a small penis, then gives her name as Katya Morningstar.

Carrie gets a beep and it’s Sebastian, who has that number for some reason. He tells Carrie that Maggie has collapsed, as though she’s obligated to care any longer. She rushes to the hospital to fret in the waiting room with Sebastian, who didn’t know who else to call. Sebastian tells Carrie that Maggie is pregnant and it’s not his. They aren’t dating, so on and so forth. This isn’t about Maggie’s safety anymore, it’s about Carrie and Sebastian reconnecting. I’m sure she’s fine, right?

Walt is a great wingman for Bennett, working every connection. Walt tells Bennett that he realized his job doesn’t appreciate him, and that made him want to appreciate him more. They cuddle and someone takes a couple pictures, which could be trouble for Walt’s reputation as a not-gay guy back home.

Maggie’s parents show up at the hospital and her father cusses Sebastian out for no specific reason. I guess it's because he "heard the stories about you and your no-good father." One of the nurses taking care of Maggie is married to one of his guys and that’s how they found out. Carrie tries to diffuse the situation and a doctor steps in with an update that Maggie had an ectopic pregnancy that requires a long and invasive surgery. Is this show about to kill Maggie off? Wouldn’t that be something!

Carrie asks Sebastian why he didn’t tell Maggie’s parents that he’s not the father and Sebastian says it’s not his story to tell. He can’t stop the rumors and it’s out of respect for Maggie. It doesn’t matter that it’s not the truth anymore, Sebastian’s reputation doesn’t matter, and neither does his relationship with Carrie if Maggie is in life-threatening condition. Sebastian rightly tells Carrie that her priorities are out of whack, and that she shouldn’t care what other people think.

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