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I Give a Damn About My Bad Reputation

Bennett complains about being unappreciated at work by Andy, and Samantha suggests that he find a way to get noticed. Samantha says Bennett needs to meet all those important media guys on the field, like at the Paris Party. At said party -- which has a $50 cover -- a guest is pulled from a hat and wins a trip to Paris. Typical New York media stuff. They decide to go; Carrie, so that she can get her reputation back with that Page Six reporter, and Bennett, so he can network.

To spice things up, Mouse and West are eating tacos. She is planning their sex life down to the chili peppers. I hate this. Mouse left West a sexy boob Polaroid in his backpack and it falls out for another basketball player to see. At least that happened.

Sebastian takes Maggie to her abortion appointment and she waits outside the clinic, musing about how she has always wanted to be a mother. She says she’s not like Mouse or Carrie -- she doesn’t have big dreams. Might as well keep it with no money or plans, I guess. Sebastian says Maggie could always look into adoption or getting help from her parents. Options! Maggie breaks down into tears and Sebastian says she can wait a few days to make this decision and offers to take her home. Maggie wants to drive around a little.

At the Paris Party, which happens during the day, Samantha sneaks Carrie, Bennett, and Walt in through the back. It turns out the "people" Samantha knows are Alberto the busboy. Samantha hands them all trays of champagne because that’s great for reputations and networking. Then, Carrie runs into Weaver because of course he’s at the Paris Party. Carrie lies about working at the party and sets down the tray to share some champagne with Weaver. He shares some douchey details about his life/plays then says he’ll let her go to hand out drinks.

Samantha and Bennett head toward Tristan Cassidy, the Page Six writer. Larissa shows at the party and scopes him out, too. Samantha takes his arm, and Larissa tells Bennett she wasn’t going to waste the hottest ticket in town on him. She says she’s impressed with Bennett finagling a ticket to the hottest party in town, and that Andy always worries he doesn’t have what it takes to get all-access. That’s what it is. Walt, offended, talks Bennett up perhaps too much.

Mouse prompts West to check his notebook for her naughty picture and he can’t find it. Her boobs are out on the town before a time of texting or even cybering. Mouse was smart enough to only photograph her boobs and not her face, but West goes on a reconnaissance mission that ends successfully.

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