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I Give a Damn About My Bad Reputation

Carrie broke up with Weaver, and then wanted to bound back to Sebastian, but found the secretly pregnant Maggie on his couch and ran away. Now Carrie’s reading all the gossip rags in a super tight graphic skirt and discovers that there’s an item about her breakup with Weaver in the paper. In the quote Weaver calls Carrie "a diminutive suburban poser who I broke up with." I thought his play was about his other ex Katya? Ah, details. At least Carrie is getting a play written about her. Carrie oscillates between wanting to set the story straight and protecting her identity.

Larissa comes into the office with beepers for Carrie and Bennett, telling them they are expecting to be on-call "twenty-four slash seven," which was not a thing in 1985. Larissa confirms that rumors are basically truth in New York society, declaring that Carrie has arrived.

Maggie and Sebastian walk through the halls of Castlebury High together, only to be confronted by Donna LeDonna about the rumors of their relationship. Sebastian says not to believe everything you hear. Donna slings a few arrows about how they’re both garbage, and she’s not entirely wrong. Maggie tells Sebastian they need to stop the rumor that they’re dating because she cares about Carrie. Sebastian says Carrie saw Maggie sleeping at his house so the jig is basically up? Who cares?

Mouse and West are in a food rut and realize that they are boring. They are not, however, the most boring characters on this show. Mouse says they need to add some spice to their lives and suggests they do it in West’s car. They’re both too busy and boring to be hot. But yeah, this subplot is happening.

Larissa is beeping Carrie non-stop for non-emergencies. Walt shares that Bennett is pretty ticked off about the beeper situation and that he feels unappreciated at Interview and has been threatening to quit. Elsewhere, in the hallways of Castlebury High, Maggie tells Sebastian she has decided to get an abortion and asks him to take her to the appointment. The money is still a mystery, but whatever.

Carrie’s gossip situation has gotten a bit more serious, as she discovers from Larissa that someone from Page Six is snooping around to find out if Carrie is the ex-girlfriend in question. Andy, who is the person in charge of Interview that we are only just now hearing about, doesn’t like the magazine to be perceived negatively at all and Carrie’s reputation as a "poser" could hurt her job. Stuffing envelopes on a weekend for free, Carrie reveals to her pals that she needs to prove herself as a non-poser. Andy, Andy, Andy.

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