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Birds of a Feather Eat Each Other

Skateboard culture, breakdancing and drug dealing? It must be New York in the 1980s. Since this show has already beaten us to Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day is generally not an episode-worthy holiday, it's spring break. And really, thank God we don't have to see scenes in the confusing and timeless hallways of Castlebury High this week. The characters can just be the miniature, jobless adults we want them to be.

Sebastian and Carrie stroll through Central Park talking about acceptance letters to NYU (Carrie's, I'm sure). A crowd has gathered and upon further inspection, the spectacle is a hawk eating a pigeon. Carrie tells the story to her dad and Dorrit, admitting her shock that a city as chic as New York would have a bird eating another bird in it. Tom says that kind of thing happens in the city all the time and Carrie is all, "nahhh," except that her purse got stolen not too many episodes ago and her friends had a big AIDS scare. Tom says you have to build up a killer instinct to survive in Manhattan. As a big-time lawyer, he knows.

The mail arrives and Carrie got her acceptance letter to NYU. She plans to enter the writing program, which she thinks will be supportive. At Interview, Larissa says she'll tear Bennett limb from limb because he's been out from work the last five days. Carrie tries to be supportive, offering that Bennett and Walt just broke up, and his ex-boyfriend is dying of AIDS. Larissa doesn't care, though. She gave him time off to deal but it's been too long. She wants 500 words on parachute pants or he's fired.

Samantha shows up and tolerates hearing about someone other than herself long enough to segue to telling Carrie she got a new job. Her new job is getting the reward money looking for a yellow parakeet. She's going to make new flyers with her number on them and a lowered reward so she'll have everyone out there looking for her. It's actually pretty smart. Carrie tells her hawk-eating-a-pigeon story again but it has no impact. Carrie decides to help Bennett out by writing the parachute pants story for him.

Maggie seeks Mouse's (and Donna's) advice on what type of lingerie she should wear when her new military boyfriend comes to visit her on … military spring break? I don't know. Evidently, Maggie doesn't remember the trauma of getting pregnant, miscarrying and almost dying. They tell Maggie not to confuse sex and love. Donna advises Maggie to wear gross underwear to keep herself from sleeping with him too soon. They tell her to wait until they're sure this guy likes her for her.

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