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Champagne Wishes and Caviar Schemes

Oh god, this show is trying to get us into another sub-plot about Tom dating. They wouldn't show the flashback to Tom dating unless they were going to try it again. The episode starts out with a very firm reminder that we are in the '80s. "Some Like it Hot" by The Power Station plays as Carrie refers to a review of Teen Wolf the original movie and Walt reads a newspaper with the giant headline "Heat Wave." A newspaper!

They talk about being critics and critical but are interrupted by Samantha walking through the kitchen naked. Walt notes she has been there for three weeks and I fear summer in the city is blowing through this show all too quickly. She is always naked and leaves her stuff everywhere and has no boundaries. Carrie asks Samantha to move out and urges her to look for places in the newspaper. Hahaha newspapers.

Tom calls Carrie saying that Dorrit is at the beach with her friend, so she won't be in this episode. He says that since he's all alone he might hang out with Deb, his girlfriend. He got a meeting for Carrie with some teacher at a school in Manhattan that has a program for gifted high school writers. Yayyyy everything is going well for Carrie still. Meanwhile, Sebastian's dad bought a car and they're going to fix it up together and maybe he won't be a shitty dad anymore after they do that.

Mouse and her boyfriend talk on the phone and he is horny. He tries to initiate phone sex while calling from a public phone and Mouse hangs up on him because her roommate is in the room and looks like some frigid white girl. Boy, I can't wait for this to unfold in seven minutes over the course of an hour.

Walt's birthday is coming up and since this is his 18th birthday it could be a big deal for him and Bennett. Bennett said something about it being "legal" last time they hung out so Carrie offers to invite him to the party. They discover a box full of fake Rolex watches for Samantha, then get a fax from Larissa (whose apartment they are staying in) saying she is returning in a week. What a mess this heat wave is turning into.

Carrie is back at work, where things are significantly more '80s. She confides in Bennett about her Samantha problem. She needs Sam to move out but doesn't want to hurt anyone's feelings or lose a new friend. Bennett can't go to Walt's birthday party on Saturday because he's going to an '80s rock concert in Central Park, New York City. Carrie stupidly says that this is the perfect coincidence because that concert is exactly what she's doing for Walt's party. Bennett turns it into an even bigger conundrum saying they can meet up in the VIP section. What a disaster!

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