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The Giant Pink Turkey in the Room

Meanwhile, Dorrit goes upstairs and George goes to the bathroom so that Harlan can accidentally make a tasteless dead wife joke and have a heart to heart with Tom. You can pretty much fast-forward through that scene, and the one after it where Sebastian finds out his mom won't be making it to Thanksgiving because she went to St. Barth's with the tennis instructor. No thanks, Sebastian's interior life, we don't want it.

At Walt's house, Maggie is mad at Walt for not being able to stand up to his parents. They mentioned him going to Dartmouth and he wants to go to NYU to study advertising. This is so She's All That. They talk about being true to themselves and following their own dreams.

Carrie puts the sweet potatoes with mini marshmallows in the oven with the turkey, and just as she tells Dorrit Thanksgiving is going to "happen" after all, Dorrit leaves. Oh no, perfect Thanksgiving ruined. Carrie finds Dorrit smoking pot in the yard and confronts her about sabotaging her perfect life. Dorrit confesses to hiding the cookbooks and ruining the recipes, then it comes out that she's mad at Carrie for trying to emulate their mother. It would be infuriating. I'm annoyed by it and I didn't even know Carrie's mom.

George has been in the bathroom a while.

Maggie goes home to talk to her brother, a new character who is also a cop, about her future. Her brother tells her to relax because she's a girl and can just marry Walt. Yay, beer and cops are the best two things.

Sebastian gets a mysterious phone call and agrees to "come by." He grabs a bottle of whiskey and proceeds on to Whocaresville.

Carrie is trying to convince Dorrit to come out of her room, where she is smoking pot and yelling. George emerges from his stint in the bathroom to ask Carrie if everything is OK. Carrie tells him that no one is smoking pot and no one was yelling. I don't understand her motive for lying, but that doesn't really matter anymore.

Carrie and George head downstairs, where they're greeted by Mouse, who tells them that Harlan referred to her as "the Oriental maid," (to which George says, "yeah, that sounds like Dad!") and the turkey is on fire. Smoke is pouring out of the oven, which won't open now for some reason. Tom pulls the handle off the oven and Carrie tells him someone needs to care enough about the family to keep it going. So Carrie is resenting her father for not helping, even though he offered to several times and no one asked her to do all this bullshit.

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