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The Giant Pink Turkey in the Room

Carrie puts together her mom's famous Ambrosia Salad, then hides all the embarrassing kiddy stuff from her room. Carrie is upset with Dorrit, who has really become a snappy, likeable character. She's funny and interesting and has the best commentary of any of these auxiliary characters. Dorrit sees Carrie stressing over a framed picture of Shaun Cassidy and grins. Don't let us down now, Dorrit.

Meanwhile, Maggie dresses up all stuffy to impress Walt's parents. She runs into that cop guy she was sleeping with, and he is all smarmy at her. I like his jacket, though. Lots of good jackets this episode. Did we know that Maggie's dad was the head cop in town (police chief? Carl Winslow?) before this?

In the Bradshaw kitchen, Carrie discovers that the turkey recipe is blurred beyond legibility. Also, Dorrit may have hidden all the normal cookbooks just to spite Carrie. This is how people got stressed out before the internet. Luckily for Carrie, she has Mouse, who is a local resource much like Google.

Carrie is worried about George seeing too much of the real her, which is a great sign. George greets Carrie with a kiss on the lips, which takes her stress level from a 7 to an 8, and then the framed picture of Shaun Cassidy, displayed on a hall table by Dorrit, takes her to a 9. Not quite sure why this is such a great embarrassment to her. Carrie tries to shoo the men away, but George wants to hang out with her and keep telling her how hot she is. Carrie offers a tour of the upstairs, which George also takes to mean sex.

At Walt's family's house, Maggie is also trying hard not to embarrass herself. Walt's parents are stuffy in a cliché way, and Maggie and Walter share side glances and conversations at a table of five.

George wants to have sex with Carrie, obviously, and tries to start something in the bedroom. Dorrit interrupts because it's time to stuff the turkey. Maybe they should ask George, because he is interested in stuffing a few things. On the couch, George tells Dorrit he gets her "schtick" and calls her out on being a joiner. He tells her she's going through a phase, and Dorrit is delighted to hear George has a shrink. They are getting along until Carrie interrupts to call her sister a bitch to impress George I guess.

The turkey isn't fitting in the oven, and everything is going a little wrong. Carrie shoves the turkey in, and sets the oven to twice as hot. But there are plenty other side dishes to get annoyingly stressed out about. Every scene in the kitchen involves Carrie and/or Mouse looking at something (a food item, a kitchen tool) and being like, "yikes!"

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